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I had a long drive early Monday morning, so I turned on SiriusXM radio which was tuned to The Bridge. I was tired, so I left it on even though the jazz station is my preference. It turns out that the Bridge plays mellow rock of the 70’s and before I knew it, I was singing. It felt quite good to sing, especially since I knew the words, but in a short amount of time I was feeling irritable, and even sad. The good sensations of singing had been overshadowed by the regretful sound of Jim Croce singing “Time in a bottle,” or the lonely cowboy sound of Don Henley crooning “Desperado.” I was confused. They were just old songs and it was so easy to sing along. But I wasn’t only hearing the music as songs, I was feeling them as they were associated with my own history. The songs were like a switch that turned on my own teenage angst of break-ups, the fear of not belonging, and the mixed-up desire to be noticed, but not seen.

My point? Pay attention to what is in your life. All of it. Pay attention to what is in your life and how you experience it. Are you experiencing what is there? Or are you experiencing a distortion of it, like me caught up in the idea of riding fences when I really prefer building bridges. Notice the vibrations you allow in your life and be sure that they support the rich and abundant life of health you want. Pay attention to how something can start out one way and end up another. Be on the look out for romanticizing your emotional experiences. Bring balance to the comfort of sweet sorrow, as well as the exuberance of joy.

And when it is appropriate, feel free to change the station. Life is about balance.

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