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How do you write about something that people are afraid to see? How to you expose an undermining, but insidious practice? How do you change peoples’ minds? How does a civilization heal from the wounds of abuse?

Sexual abuse is a common experience for boys and girls. Let me repeat these somber words, sexual abuse is a common experience for boys and girls. One more time, sexual abuse is a common experience for boys and girls. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused, some statistics site higher incidences. With such numbers, there is a very good probability that a potentially protective adult will have a personal experience with sexual trauma. Without restoration of the abused’s traumatized system, this man or woman may struggle to cope. Their ability to protect another from abuse may be limited by post traumatic symptomolgy. Or worse they may develop defense mechanisms that promote practices of abuse in an effort to normalize their experience or process their rage.

The familial cycle of abuse is perpetual unless interrupted. Interrupt the cycle of abuse. Ask, “Did someone hurt you?” Ask,”How can I help?”

Tami Boehle-Satterfield, MSW, LCSW-C, NBBCH, HTP, a licensed psychotherapist at has challenged herself in 2016 to post week about the unpopular topic of abuse. Learn more about Tami at



How do you write about something that people are afraid to see? How to you expose an undermining, but insidious practice? How do you change peoples’ minds? How does a civilization heal from the wounds of abuse?

“As evidenced in growing news reports and statistics gathered on college campuses, sexual violence among young adults is increasing. A 2014 report from The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault asserts that one in five college students experience sexual assault during their college career. While it seems that many survivors of college attacks are speaking out, ACLU numbers indicate that an estimated 95% of on-campus rapes go unreported. Attacks on campus not only impact the attacked, but reach their communities, their friends and their family members directly.  Social pressures, shame, fear of discipline, and ambiguity about what happened may keep the attacked from seeking assistance to heal, thus prolonging the experience, inflaming the symptoms, and potentially compromising healing.” sourced from Trust Yourself Hypnosis 

This is happening in your community.  What do you know about it?  What do you want to know about it?

Tami Boehle-Satterfield has challenged herself in 2016 to post week about the unpopular topic of abuse. Learn more about Tami at


It is a little prickly out there. Honestly, the edges are a bit sharp. Sometimes razor sharp.  We have been dealing with these keen boundaries for a bit, sometimes honed and sometimes jagged. Either way, it is wearing on us all.

Forewarned may allow you to disarm and in this climate, that is a good idea.

I was talking with someone this morning and we were hashing through some of her concerns. She had to go abruptly and then texted me back saying, “Call me later and we can fight so more.” I had to laugh. We are friends. We weren’t fighting really, but there was an edge to our conversation.

I am thinking of ways to see around the corner of all these hard aspects without being a Pollyanna. Hey, I am tired of it too! What I do know is this: I will learn far more about myself through the things I resistant, then through the things I embrace. What am I trying to cut through anyway? Obtuse just might be the word of the week.  So with that in mind, keep in mind that things aren’t always what they seem to be.  Give yourself a little bit more space and time to respond this week.  Let it unfold a little bit.  Maybe it will work itself out and you won’t have to work so hard.  Let yourself be a little dull.  This week, you might just benefit from not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Back to full speed ahead while dragging an anchor. It doesn’t have to be the struggle it might sound like. Jupiter is highlighting Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio likes to dig deep into it. That bugger really likes to dig and can be a bit of dog with a bone about it. Mind thinking about the past – it is a good time for it with the energy pulling you forward, but the past can be a whirlpool. Before you know it you can spiral down, clinging to the edges for dear life with a lot of talk about “who hit Johnny.” Let yourself go deep into “who hit Johnny,” but this week LET GO INTO IT. Let go of the sides. Surrender to the past and let this energy carry you forward like a wormhole that takes you to whole new universe. Let this place you surrender to be one with many opportunities, not just the same old one or two.

How to do this:
Balance on the beam of feeling “this,” those automatic old feelings, and then consciously feeling “that” which serves you. Let yourself teeter until you get your balance. With balance you will have very good perspective and it will be easier to see where you want to go. Be mindful to the journey. There may be unexpected forks in the road or flooded out highways. Be curious about how to move forward. Rest in the beauty of the journey, especially when your resources are low.

It is a good week to carry on down the road!

Last week’s practice of following the circuitous route of last week’s energy may have made you a bit better schooled in the eccentric, wacky, bizarre, and sometimes outright deceptive behavior. You might have done well if you stayed centered between what you thought you wanted and what you really wanted. That balance likely took you on the road less traveled. It may have seemed like a longer route last week, but it will pay off with this week’s energy tempting us to bound forward blindly.

You can go ahead and enjoy that carefree child-like energy. It is okay to be free. Do it mindfully and with good balance and you are likely to have the fun you are looking for. Go ahead and climb those steps to the high dive. There is nothing to fear. You know how to do this, one foot in front of the other until you find yourself at the end of that springy board. Feel it beneath your feet. It might feel scary and unstable. Breathe through the fear: in for 4, hold for 2, and exhale for 6, letting the fear go. Go ahead and go deeply into yourself. Prepare with all the confidence and trust in yourself. Close your eyes and become one with that springy board. Feel all the possibilities. Take your time. And I can tell you that it is nice to know when it is time to jump. And I can tell you that you know when it is time to jump. So when it is time, go ahead. Bend your knees and surrender to the spring. Push deeply into letting go with your toes. Lift up through your trunk (abdomen, stomach, chest) and rise to the joyous occasion of “it is time.” Arms lifting in take off, free as a bird. Go ahead and jump. You might even want to make a big splash about it.

This week practice patience – timing is everything. You can trust that if you are paying attention you will know when it is time to jump.

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Would you be interested in getting a little extra energy?

I am conducting research on distance energy healing and am looking for 10 people to participate in a 6 week study. I am looking for people who have had energy work previously and PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ENERGY WORK.

I will be offering 6 one-hour energy sessions on Wednesday evenings at 10 pm EST. There is nothing for you to do and it is not necessary to be awake. The only requirement of you is to answer 4 questions in the morning following the treatment. You will receive a text or if you prefer an email to remind you to submit the information. The questions require very short answers.

In return for your information you will receive a one-hour treatment every Wednesday for 6 weeks. It is not necessary that you do anything for the treatment or during the treatment time. It has been reported by many people that the treatments are deeply relaxing and provide for deeper sleep. It can be utilized more powerfully with intention and attention, but is not necessary for the purpose of this research. The only thing required of you is to provide your feedback following each session.

Let me know if you have interest at as soon as possible as the space is limited. Please share this with anyone you think might have interest. For more information about me, please visit

Best Regards,



Minding creatures keeps me honest.
Some days,
I’d like to steal the time of mucking stalls,
Especially on cold, dark days.

Head burdened,
At first,
Bothered, like a stubborn ass.
Then, fleeced and gloved
I am slipping into boots.

Out the door, winter wakes me
From my self-inflicted life.
My hyper-reality
To a deep black sea of stars.

I breath in the sharp, steel-blue night air.
Filtered of all my ideals,
Leaving me with just myself.

I am nothing more
Than everything before me.
The jangle of a rusted chain and clip,
The creak of a farm gate,
A mechanical wave, an oscillation of pressure

Stumbling in the dark.
I am a ghost in a clumsy, noisy machine
Almost drunk with desire,
Longingly pulled

To the deep,
Hoarse, breathy sound
Drawing out into a long moan.
See-sawing like an old rocking chair.

But, before my large muscles group,
Pitching in,
The rhythm
Of shoveling soft, earthy, black turds,
And then pitching out mouth-fulls of sweet-smelling honey colored hay.

Before I become
Myself again,
Illuminated in the yellowed barn light,
Shoveling and pitching
Remembered judgements.

I lean in, breathe in her dark, clay scent.
Feel the rough texture of coarse hair on sturdy, tall ears.
Steal a smooch of her baby-soft, warm snout.
I blindly finger her curious black lips, transliterating
Her whispered secrets

Wise beyond any language
I know.
I am the jack ass seeking pardon.
My devotion as self-reconciliation,
Stroking the long soft fur at her compliant breast.