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The Moon is in Aries this morning, along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Wow, talk about control! With this herculean energy, you might want to take something into your own hands before someone else does.

If you like, this is the time to take back self-reliance and self-determination and feel the freedom of your own self-direction. If you like, it is the time to run your own life and get some powerful support in taking it back.

Even though this commanding cardinal T-square will be with us into midsummer, and because you are likely to feel the pressure for the full first half of the year, NOW is the time to put things in place for how you’d like your life to look like. So here it is: consider that your fundamental beliefs about the meaning of things (Jupiter) may have to change (Uranus) significantly (Pluto), and know that all the work (Mars) you do to free yourself from the shackles of dependency is likely to pay off big time. It is worth the work out.

So, check it out, something may not be what it seems. You may have misunderstood. And as you read these words, you likely know exactly what I am referring to. Take a breath, look to the right and set your intention for what you’d like life to look like. Ask for clarity to “see” how and the courage to trust yourself in making it happen. Don’t miss this powerful energy surge coming in to burn off the fog, see “it” for what it is and get back on course driving your own bus.

Want to learn more about how to do that? Schedule an appointment to learn what you really belief and how that gets in your way. Learn how to use more of your brain to bring better attention to living your life!

lightening storm

There was a deliberate vibration,
A shift,
A turn taken.
The Aspen trees trembled
And the tall Pines bowed in reverence.
The grasses supplicated to the great change.
The sky, gray-green, beseeched the sun and rolled over her,
Ushered her out and tucked her behind soft clouds,
Whispered, “This is not for you.”
And without light, the world became a glass half empty.

God bowled a mighty strike,
The earth shuddered
And the sky illuminated
A barbed reckoning.
Our attention,
Demanded and instantly obliged.
Mendicant servants,
Our muddied heads cleared with confessions,
“Hallowed God,
Lead us not into temptation.”

Focused and without hesitation
It reigned down a heavy decree.
Without compromise,
Leveling the scales and dismissing justice,
Willing It’s way.
The river rose up to meet its maker
And in one sweeping correction,
The hand of a God,
Flooded the subastral gap between Heaven and Hell,
Making life a watery underworld.

We were placed on notice.
Our mendacious plottings,
Pompous rantings,
Audacious exploitations,
All called out.
The makings of a human.
By the recollection
of our sea monkey beginnings,
We softened our backbones.

And it was all forgotten,
This humility,
When the Hand lifted the tempest
And the gray-green sky shifted softer and lighter.
That fast,
We ventured out.
Expected nothing,
But everything.
The Sun
And the Moon.

June 30, 2013

Wonder Woman wonder woman 23.jpg

By the end of today, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus will all be in Aries.
That is a powerful punch!
Be mindful, that these influences may cause you or others to behave assertively. You may notice aggressive, rash, and possible explosive behavior. Because of these potentials, mind your physiology. Pay close attentions to your thoughts and step in before they inform grand feelings and in turn reckless action. As the astrologer Elsa P says, “It is a little like the wild west out there!” Remember you don’t have to be holding a gun to get caught in the crossfire.

Keep your feet on the ground, breathe, and notice how it all unfolds- with every breath. It is from that perspective, that you will gain insight and clarity as to how to move forward.

May the Force be with you!