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There is good support this week to make way on your good fortune. Hmm, can you believe this or is it just a happy thought? I don’t know, you tell me. It is up to you. You can take whatever support you’ve got and make use of it towards the reality you’d like to create or you can belief it is not enough.

It is your choice. And what a choice it is!

My suggestion? Work for it. What do you really have to lose? Your fear that it won’t work out? The special standing in the universe as diminished and undeserving? The sorrow in feeling rejected. Or is it the anger that you gave up your chance? Ouch, that is little rough, but believe me, I know. We all know. We are all human. And I am here to remind you that those propensities a few sentences ago require a fair amount, or more, of work too. So if you are going to work, why not work for what you want?

This week, do just that. Let yourself work for what you want. The Moon is inspired with purpose and greater clarity. With the the help of Venus, Jupiter and Sagittarius, it is a good time to re-organize and evolve creatively. It may be easier to push your own boundaries with the support of Uranus and Pluto. And all the while Saturn is keeping you on the just course.  It is in the stars.  It is in the cookies.  Go ahead and let it be in your soul.

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Artwork by Emily Winfield Martin

This week is a busy one! It might be like a three ring circus. The good thing about a three ring circus is that there is always something going on and that increases your chances of seeing something you like.

Tomorrow the Sun travels into Libra whose ruler Venus, is in Leo- this all trines Uranus in Aries! That is a lot of sun lovingly balanced and fired up for a big surprise that might just be liberating.

Consider the ring with all the clowns coming out of the little car. It is funny, but it is kind of scary too. So much of one thing can be a little deceptive. How do all those clowns fit in that little car anyway? Hmm, there might be something fishy going on.

As the week moves on, this theme may grow into the shadow aspects. Think of the magician sawing the beautiful woman in half. It is disturbing and yet you peak.  Things aren’t always what they seem to be and without all the information it can be hard to decide what is right. Would telling the truth spoil the secret? Would you say it is fair to call the bearded lady a freak, if she simply suffers from a hormonal imbalance? Is it false advertisement? Who is manipulating who?

And to top it all of, in the center ring and for the grand finale, at nearly the strike of midnight we have Mars, Saturn, Neptune AND full Supermoon lunar eclipse in Aries. This week spills into next week with a spot light on what might be the harsh realities of the past.

There is a theme here this week and it provides you a good opportunity to get a lot swept out from under the rug. Let yourself take a bit of shelter in the audience. Watch how the tricks are done. Mind being too eager to get up in front of the crowd. And definitely don’t turn your back on the lions. See if you can do all that and still have fun at the circus!

(Ho!) So show me family
(Hey!) All the blood that I would bleed
(Ho!) I don’t know where I belong
(Hey!) I don’t know where I went wrong
(Ho!) But I can write a song
I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweet heart
-The Lumineers – Ho Hey

Saturn is already in Sagittarius. Things will be happening over the next few days. You may have already noticed it late yesterday afternoon. This energy is going to give you good insight into your personal story, or as the Lumineers suggest, you can write a song. This song you are writing, and you are always writing a song or a story, includes your personal story as well as the collective story. Remember, you are a part of a whole. A piece of the pie. A fraction of the equation. Let this sugar daddy energy of Jupiter, the planet that supports Sagittarius, give your promise and determination to put forward your best foot and get deep footing into the principle of integrity. Look for this energy around you and in the people around you. This work you are doing will benefit from a positive mental attitude and a clear conscious.  Rest there, in the sweet heart.

This month will be a lot about education. Funny that it coincides with the start of school, but whether you are in school or not, you are likely going to be learning a lot this month. The Saturn transit will move into Sagittarius later this month.  The generosity of Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter, will bring a good focus to life lessons. Some may be hard lessons or lessons you may have been hard-headed about learning. Some will be lessons you’ve been studying for sometime.  Whatever the lesson, this week is a good time to prepare for the coming classroom.

I have a re-occurring dream. It shows up when I am tackling a big problem. In the dream, I am back in school riding the school bus. Well, not quite riding it!  In the dream, I miss the bus and end up at school late.  Only to discover, that I didn’t do my homework. I feel terribly desperate in the dream. Riddled with self-judgment and fearful of the judgment of others. I for one am certainly am not interested in that reality, and I bet you aren’t either.

Instead, go ahead this week and get clear about what you are working on. Mind the distractions of judgement about being on time. Let yourself appreciate the pace you have been keeping. It will be easier to change your pace, if you give yourself credit for the work you have done. There is no value in diminishing your motivation with cross looks from the “teacher.” If you would like to pick up the pace, accelerate your study and get on the bus – now is the time to plan for it. If not, that is important to know and perfectly okay.

How to prepare this week: Take some time each day this week. Just a few minutes in the middle of your busy life. Use your breath to shift over to your creative side. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold it for 2, and exhale for 6. Practice this breath just 3 times, return to your normal breathing, and then let yourself go. Go within yourself and first, consider where you’d like to be at the end of this year. Let yourself really see it. It will be like a movie in your head.  You won’t have to think about it, it will just show up for you. Then, once that is clear to you, begin to see the road that takes you to this place you want to go. Look for the bus stops along the way. There are many and they run regularly, so you don’t need to worry or show up in your pajamas without your homework!

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Saturn has ruled the August sky and that is a bit unusual. Maybe when there is such drama as the Perseid meteor shower, it is reasonable to expect a serious planet, like Saturn, to step into the spot light. It might be a bit like the over-serious parent who hovers over the activities of a child’s birthday party with the sentiment of, “that is enough, somebody is going to put an eye out!”

Seriously, serious qualities have there place and sometimes a good proctor is exactly what life needs. Like when it comes time to pay the bills, change the batteries in the fire detectors, or manage the consumption of medicine. But sometimes seriousness can take itself too seriously, for too long. This month you may have been running into that, either thinking to seriously yourself or running into someone else who is. There may have been times this month where you wanted to say (or someone said to you), “Seriously, lighten up. Nobody put an eye out!”

We have a supermoon this week. That means the moon appears very close to earth. From the perspective of our work, that may mean a magnification or illumination of these very old and serious patterns. Think about the good old days and recall some of the trouble you got into. It was serious business. It may have caused you some grief. If you think about it, you might even see that this idea about responsible (with a capital R and said in a very serious voice followed by the words, “young lady or man”) is one you have carried with you all the way up to today. The good news, and isn’t it nice that there is always good news in a two sided coin, is that this is a good week for wrapping up some of that old, serious shame. It might be that whatever it is you did way back then is worthy of reconciliation and forgiveness.

This week, notice what you are feeling and then notice the shadow of judgment over your right shoulder. It might be that your past shame is casting a shadow of doubt across the confidence of your future or that it is causing you to be a shadow of yourself. It might be time to lighten up a bit, after all it may just be that no body did put an eye out. It might be time to forgive.

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Back to full speed ahead while dragging an anchor. It doesn’t have to be the struggle it might sound like. Jupiter is highlighting Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio likes to dig deep into it. That bugger really likes to dig and can be a bit of dog with a bone about it. Mind thinking about the past – it is a good time for it with the energy pulling you forward, but the past can be a whirlpool. Before you know it you can spiral down, clinging to the edges for dear life with a lot of talk about “who hit Johnny.” Let yourself go deep into “who hit Johnny,” but this week LET GO INTO IT. Let go of the sides. Surrender to the past and let this energy carry you forward like a wormhole that takes you to whole new universe. Let this place you surrender to be one with many opportunities, not just the same old one or two.

How to do this:
Balance on the beam of feeling “this,” those automatic old feelings, and then consciously feeling “that” which serves you. Let yourself teeter until you get your balance. With balance you will have very good perspective and it will be easier to see where you want to go. Be mindful to the journey. There may be unexpected forks in the road or flooded out highways. Be curious about how to move forward. Rest in the beauty of the journey, especially when your resources are low.

It is a good week to carry on down the road!


You may have noticed it has been tough lately. The energy has been tight and at times very pressured. It has been a roller coaster of this, this year, and it looks like it will be faithful to this pattern right up until we close 2013.

It helps to remember that life is changing and shifting all the time. And so, despite the pattern of 2013, there have been and will be breaks in it. Eventually it will evolve into something else, as nothing is forever.

Mars leaves Cancer for Leo today. This is an improvement as Mars functions well in a Fire sign. However, it’ll be squared by Saturn in Scorpio.

The combination of Mars and Saturn has a frightful reputation in astrology. It can be thought as a signature of cruelty.

To fare well this week, focus hard on getting past whatever is blocking you. Push back against the pressure thoughtfully or you run the risk of it bulldozing right over you.

This is a good week to hold your fire unless you’re really up for a battle. Be sure you are up for this, as if you do get involved in a conflict, the damage could be extensive.

Breathe. Keep your feet on the ground. Pay attention to the things that matter to you. Consider staying clear of the rest. Remember where you are headed. Make decisions in your best interest!

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The sky continues to be dominated by planets in Taurus as we head into the Thursday’s solar eclipse in Taurus. We have been feeling this push and pull energy for a bit. Hold tight, you may continue to notice the stress of it this week. It can feel like a tight rope or a line to toe. It can feel restricting to notice this and interpret it as leaving you little room for error. Use your breath to expand your field and give yourself more time and space.

Be mindful of Taurus’s influence for self-indulgence while Saturn is bearing down hard for control. Notice the tendency for all or nothing thinking. Stay on course and ride it out, like the wave of energy that it is. Use your breath and the intention “To stay in the flow”. Surprisingly, it is these times that teach us our true strength, abilities, and purpose.

And if you are not noticing the tension, go ahead and harness it’s power.


The stellium in Aries (Mars) is in full effect now, squared by Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn), and aspected by Saturn in Scorpio (Mars). This Mars/Saturn combination is dynamic. Be mindful. Notice the dynamics in your interpersonal relationships and use this powerful energy strategically. Set aside your fear, get clear about what you want and utilize this energy to set in motion that which you would like make into reality.

The key here, is being present to notice the opportunities in the obstacles.