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Would you be interested in getting a little extra energy?

I am conducting research on distance energy healing and am looking for 10 people to participate in a 6 week study. I am looking for people who have had energy work previously and PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ENERGY WORK.

I will be offering 6 one-hour energy sessions on Wednesday evenings at 10 pm EST. There is nothing for you to do and it is not necessary to be awake. The only requirement of you is to answer 4 questions in the morning following the treatment. You will receive a text or if you prefer an email to remind you to submit the information. The questions require very short answers.

In return for your information you will receive a one-hour treatment every Wednesday for 6 weeks. It is not necessary that you do anything for the treatment or during the treatment time. It has been reported by many people that the treatments are deeply relaxing and provide for deeper sleep. It can be utilized more powerfully with intention and attention, but is not necessary for the purpose of this research. The only thing required of you is to provide your feedback following each session.

Let me know if you have interest at as soon as possible as the space is limited. Please share this with anyone you think might have interest. For more information about me, please visit

Best Regards,