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We have a front of energy moving in that is noteworthy. It might be helpful to keep this report in mind over the weekend and into Monday. You may or you may not notice this weather, but someone around you likely will and if it makes them uncomfortable, you might feel that reverberation. For example, say that you like it good and hot, but there might be people around you who don’t like it good and hot. Maybe one of those people is your boss, and it is unlikely that you will get away with not noticing or feeling the effects of your boss’s discomfort. You get the idea, we are all deeply connect- whether we want to be or not!

Slow down the information coming in as it may have a tendency to be fast, furious, and unpredictable. You might have a tendency to return to outdated patterns of coping in this climate. This can stir the family pot of dsyfunction. Take shelter in what you want and not what you have been compelled or programmed to do in the past. Stay grounded in what is real today, remembering what you want in the future, and allow that perspective to be your guide through flashbacks of the past. Take the long view through these next few days.

Keep an eye out for flash anger. It may surprise you. Remember, just because you know how to fight doesn’t mean you want to. You or someone around you might get caught up in the funnel of this foreboding cloud and begin thinking things like, He never… she always… I can’t take it anymore… You or someone around you might begin to weave a fabulous story that wormholes right into a new reality where nothing works out. Keep an eye out for this.

This kind of energy moves fast and is unpredictable both in you and those around you. Paying good attention will help you see it coming and then you can decide thoughtfully how best to respond. Expect the unexpected and when it passes if all you’ve noticed is the expected, well, that is certainly better than a poke in the eye!

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