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On Friday we have a new moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter ruled Sag is always about doing it big and coupled with a new moon there is a good chance for taking things over the top. But before we even get to minding that, we have a hard aspect around Scorpio that involves Pluto.

Hmm, think of the Gulf oil explosion that erupted from over 5,000 feet beneath the water’s surface.  Yay, that is some impressive pressure, but don’t loose faith.  This aspect may bring up some really deep stuff, but there is good news.  There is always yang to the yin, and this aspect also provides the opportunity for transformation too, and it is followed by that sugar daddy of a new moon, to boot!  This means clearing out some really old stuff and making way for the new.

Okay, here is the scoop.  This energy will leave little room for thinking. It is likely to stir up deep feelings about old themes. These are your propencities, the stories you like to tell when you are getting ready for a pity party. You know the ones- the likes of – nobody loves me, think I’ll eat some worms. So what are you going to do? Who do you really want to be when you grow up?

Remember, even if you don’t notice this energy it is likely you will be bumping into others who do. So what are you going to do? My suggestion? Believe in yourself. Believe you can find opportunities in the obstacles of life. Believe in your purpose here. Take the struggle and pay it forward. Pay it forward in the currency of trust. Trust in your purpose and the purpose of a higher purpose.

Breathe in for 4, hold it for 2, and exhale for 6. Practice this just 3 times and let yourself have a little bit more space and time so that you can organize your mind to support the actions that provide you with the reality you want. Put a little air in your tires and get back on that bike. It can feel mighty good to be up and moving with some sense of independence and purpose as you ride off into the sunset.

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Artwork by Emily Winfield Martin

This week is a busy one! It might be like a three ring circus. The good thing about a three ring circus is that there is always something going on and that increases your chances of seeing something you like.

Tomorrow the Sun travels into Libra whose ruler Venus, is in Leo- this all trines Uranus in Aries! That is a lot of sun lovingly balanced and fired up for a big surprise that might just be liberating.

Consider the ring with all the clowns coming out of the little car. It is funny, but it is kind of scary too. So much of one thing can be a little deceptive. How do all those clowns fit in that little car anyway? Hmm, there might be something fishy going on.

As the week moves on, this theme may grow into the shadow aspects. Think of the magician sawing the beautiful woman in half. It is disturbing and yet you peak.  Things aren’t always what they seem to be and without all the information it can be hard to decide what is right. Would telling the truth spoil the secret? Would you say it is fair to call the bearded lady a freak, if she simply suffers from a hormonal imbalance? Is it false advertisement? Who is manipulating who?

And to top it all of, in the center ring and for the grand finale, at nearly the strike of midnight we have Mars, Saturn, Neptune AND full Supermoon lunar eclipse in Aries. This week spills into next week with a spot light on what might be the harsh realities of the past.

There is a theme here this week and it provides you a good opportunity to get a lot swept out from under the rug. Let yourself take a bit of shelter in the audience. Watch how the tricks are done. Mind being too eager to get up in front of the crowd. And definitely don’t turn your back on the lions. See if you can do all that and still have fun at the circus!

artwork by Samantha French

This is a big week for moving forward and making some sense of the mess of the last few weeks. This morning begins with a new moon in Gemini and the week ends with the Summer Solstice. It is all about beginning again. All in all, it can be a good week after quite a spell of struggling.

We will still see some affects of the mighty Mercury in retrograde, but the good thing is that you might have waded through enough of “it” to have discovered something useful. For me the GPS in my car has been a accurate gage of the energetic climate. I set my destination and the silly thing has me going in circles or taking the long way! The good news is, if I am patient enough I will get there. I can feel my jaw tense as my fingers hit the keys- patience! Who has time for that!

But despite my temperament, I am moving forward now. Even with some continued detours, it already feels a bit fast. Things will be moving this week like water let loose of a dam. It may be a bit of work to keep your head above the abundant waters. You might want to put some air in your life preserver or as I like to say, “Be sure to rest in the chaos.”

Resting in the chaos is taking time throughout your day for the little things that float your boat, like the sun on your face, a cool drink of water, the site of a child skipping. You get the picture. It sounds simple, easy even, but you might be surprised what a challenge it can be to take time for the little things.

Let this week be about love and beauty supporting your heart’s desire. The moon in Mars is going to give that a good boost (maybe a shove) so watch your temper or impatience, be courageous in the face of change. Pluto will oppose, so you may feel the tension at times- go with the flow. Uranus is going to square it, so welcome an unexpected or sudden transformation. It is a good thing. And sometimes good things don’t always feel good at first. Look for the light on Sunday and celebrate the glory of it. Go ahead and notice your progress. You deserve it!

aries ram

The Sun is exalted in Aries. It will conjunct Uranus as it squares Pluto and Juptier this week. Wow, that is some ego! Mind your own and be prepared to notice it in others, especially those who aren’t minding theirs! What does this aspect look like? The Sun exalted in Aries can be a super “know it all”. Conjunct with Uranus, it is full of surprises. Squared Pluto – you might feel it deeply and Jupiter is like a big sugar daddy funding the whole shebang. Reactions to this energy might include inflated egos, obsessive control, making up the rules, and the destruction of order.

Now, this might be a good thing and you might benefit. Utilize this energy to let go. Let go of your precious way and get out of your own way. Forget the rules and be. Be in the flow. The destruction might be better framed as de-construction of the old way of doing it in favor for the new way. Don’t get burned, make this work for you.


With Valentine’s Day coming up on Friday, and paired with a full moon in Leo and Venus conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, you might feel there is not enough love or money to go around. Leo likes things over the top and creative, but with Venus (love and money) conjunct Pluto (painful and surprising) in Capricorn (deprivation and business minded), the creative Leo might lean into the energies of Pluto and Capricorn. What was meant to be, might become something else. My two cents? Plan thoughtfully and tend the creative energy mindfully. Fortunately, this planetary aspect will pass.

What may be more lasting are your beliefs about love. What do you believe about love?

The matter of love comes up frequently in my private practice. It is not only a matter of Eros or romantic love; it is a matter of the deeper, more spiritual sense of true love. Like what the Greeks termed “Agape” and what the bible references as “unconditional.” It is inclusive of Philia, love that Aristotle described as between family, friends, and lovers, and includes Storge, as described by ancient texts as the natural affection expressed in forgiveness of other’s tyrancies.

It may be helpful to understand your own definition and belief about love. It is interesting that when one is asked, love is often a difficult thing to define. What becomes even more apparent are the conditions that we often place on love and the willingness to measure it in degrees: like the idea that an interchange between people might be considered loving, if it is the best someone can do. But how is it love if it falls short? Isn’t the very definition of love lofty and inspired? It may be true that given one’s life experiences, it is difficult to express and accept love, but that doesn’t make the interchange loving. It simply sheds light on the reason that someone may not be able to participate in a loving interchange.

Here are some definitions of love that have been shared with me:

Love is making someone feel comfortable.
Love is helping someone to be the best they want to be.
Love is helping someone to be the best they can be.
Love is teaching someone how to get along in the world.
Love is doing things for others.
Love is sacrificing for others.
Love is sharing your life with others.
Love is making a commitment to trust others.
Love is helping others through difficult times.

What is your definition of love? Do you believe it is expressed in reciprocity? What is the frequency that it is experienced to qualify for love? Is it sometimes? Is it greater than most of the time? Is it all the time? And then notice what those you love might believe about love.

If you believe that love is making someone feel comfortable and the person with whom you are in a loving relationship believes that love is sharing your life with others, the two of you may find it difficult to understand the other’s perspective on loving. You may feel hurt when you are suffering and you seek comfort from someone who believes love is sharing one’s life with another. Your partner may be bewildered at your need for comfort. Your partner may think, “We are in this together. Isn’t that enough?” If I believe that love is helping someone be the best they want to be and the one I love believes that love is sacrificing for others, he may be very disappointed when I attempt to help him follow his dream instead of financing it.

While these examples illustrate differences in beliefs, they may be bridgeable as long as both parties share the same values. With honest conversation, it is possible that a new definition of love can guide couples, families, and dear friends to a deeper, richer relationship that provides all members a more profound experience of love.

But sometimes, a difference in the definition of love can illuminate great differences in deep values and beliefs. If you were not raised with a solid foundation of unconditional love you might live in uncertainty and insecurity about the meaning of love. Without a solid foundation, it is hard to have a balanced frame of reference and you may easily overlook unloving behavior in the name of love. Ideas about love like “I love you so much it hurts” or “I hurt you because I love you” can become confusing. Clarifying your ideas about love can assist you in learning how to love and receive love in a way that is not only healing, but motivating.

The bottom line here is that love, by nature, is a shared experience. If all parties involved are have the capacity of free will, then it is reasonable to expect that their independent definitions of love support a shared definition of love that feels good greater than 50% of the time.

You owe it to yourself to experience love, because it is reciprocal. When you have been loved you can love and there may not be any human experience as profoundly life-altering as that. What might that mean to the world? “Imagine”, as John Lennon said. This, the retort to Tina Turner’s inquiry, “What’s love got to do with it?”

February 10, 2014


The Moon is in Aries this morning, along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Wow, talk about control! With this herculean energy, you might want to take something into your own hands before someone else does.

If you like, this is the time to take back self-reliance and self-determination and feel the freedom of your own self-direction. If you like, it is the time to run your own life and get some powerful support in taking it back.

Even though this commanding cardinal T-square will be with us into midsummer, and because you are likely to feel the pressure for the full first half of the year, NOW is the time to put things in place for how you’d like your life to look like. So here it is: consider that your fundamental beliefs about the meaning of things (Jupiter) may have to change (Uranus) significantly (Pluto), and know that all the work (Mars) you do to free yourself from the shackles of dependency is likely to pay off big time. It is worth the work out.

So, check it out, something may not be what it seems. You may have misunderstood. And as you read these words, you likely know exactly what I am referring to. Take a breath, look to the right and set your intention for what you’d like life to look like. Ask for clarity to “see” how and the courage to trust yourself in making it happen. Don’t miss this powerful energy surge coming in to burn off the fog, see “it” for what it is and get back on course driving your own bus.

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There are almost seven planets within one degree. The Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Mars, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 9 degrees of the sign they are transiting. The Sun will be at 8 degrees of Scorpio. And while this is unheard of, it looks to be positive. The energy between Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto is likely to provide for some kind of healing. Signs in Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn may willingly facilitate conversation and commitment to the transformation of a deep psychological wound. If this sounds interesting to you, make it work for you.

Friday night Pluto and Uranus finally square off. This has been coming for months and the good news is that as this powerful planets square off none of our personal planets are involved. Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces may produce some misplaced anger. Be mindful of your temper. Check it out, what are you really angry about?

Monday is a new moon. You might utilize it to keep any healing experiences “to keep on, keeping on!”

Be well and happy Halloween!


The stellium in Aries (Mars) is in full effect now, squared by Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn), and aspected by Saturn in Scorpio (Mars). This Mars/Saturn combination is dynamic. Be mindful. Notice the dynamics in your interpersonal relationships and use this powerful energy strategically. Set aside your fear, get clear about what you want and utilize this energy to set in motion that which you would like make into reality.

The key here, is being present to notice the opportunities in the obstacles.