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chuck bloom
Artwork by Chuck Bloom

This is a time of incredible expansion and with expansion there will be contraction. With expansion and contraction there is the potential for a lot of movement — growth even. You might be feeling it. Keep in mind the balance necessary for health and remind yourself as you feel the contraction that somewhere else in your life there is expansion. You might take more notice of the expansion and see that it is profound. You might see that it has the ability to change your life significantly. We have been on a bit of a roller coaster these last couple of years and this year is a year of transition. After a lot of hard work,this is the year things begin to fall into place. If you would like to explore this further and learn to change your thinking so that it supports your New Year’s intentions, you might consider joining my new workshop.

Change The Way You Think And Find Joy In Being Yourself — A Virtual Workshop

We have a new moon in Aquarius coming in February 18. This moon, like it’s predecessor, is barely in the sign of the water-bearer and is significantly influenced by Pisces. This New Moon brings supports to new beginnings that embody your authentic uniqueness, follow your intuition and serve the collective. What does this mean to you? This is a very good time to dive deeply into the possibilities of your greater purpose. It is early in the year and with some effort on your part you might be able to change your thinking and manifest those New Year’s Intentions while also providing yourself with more experiences of joy and peace of mind this year and in years to come.

I like to look at the world and my life from many different perspectives. It gives me more options. It can make it easier to “see” what to do. It can make it easier to make sense of things and align my actions with my purpose. If you have interest in exploring this notion, you might be interested in working this new moon energy alongside of understanding the current universal energy flow. This is not necessarily about astrology, it is about utilizing readily available information (astrological energy) to understand things for a greater perspective. With more information, you will likely find it easier to influence your life and you might begin to really understand how to let go of the illusion of control and trust that it can work out for you. You might come to better understand the notion of faith in yourself and your purpose here.

Are you interested? If so, I will be providing a workshop on “Changing The Way You Think And Find Joy In Being Yourself”

How does it work? Expect to receive emails from me that will include educational information about the universal energy at this time, strategies for thinking about it, suggestions for putting new thoughts into action, and questions for personal inquiry. You can attend to the workshop at your own pace or keep pace with the schedule of emails. Either works. When you participate with the schedule of emails you may also ask questions of me that I will answer to you personally, as well as share in my outgoing emails (without disclosing your personal identity) so that others “studying” alongside you can benefit from your wise inquiries — just like a classroom setting only its perfectly fine to be in your pjs!

What others have said about my virtual work: “I didn’t expect to get so much feedback from you (Tami). It was awesome, sort of like private counseling work.” “I learned a lot about the way that I think about myself and ways to think that actually feel better.” “It was fun and different from any other workshop I have done about this sort of thing.” “I think I made some very big changes in my life as a result of this workshop.” “I have saved all the emails because they are helpful to read.”

When and how long? The week of February 9 through the week of March 5

What does it cost? The cost is $25. Visit my website at and click on workshops to pay by credit card.

Ready to get started? Send me an email letting me know your interest. Include: 1. A sentence that states you give me permission to share questions you may ask without including your personal or identifying information. 2. What you would like to gain from this workshop. 3. How would you know if your thinking changed and you felt joy being yourself? What would your life look like? What would it feel like?

I am Looking forward to our work together.


Tami Boehle-Satterfield, LCSW-C
Attention to Living

We will have a new moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces mid-day on 5/28/14. Gemini and Pisces are dual signs. When the two oppose each other it might feel like a house of mirrors, an endless square off. Armed with this information, it might be fun to watch.

You may have great ideas under this aspect, but you might also be deluded. This, for sure, will inspire some “watery” feelings and Neptune will add to the confusion by leaving you with only half the information needed to make any sense of it. You might think of someone trying to find their way out of a paper bag while struggling with feeling quite content in a paper bag, even considering that being in a paper bag is “where it’s at” and then again, feeling a little panicked to make their way out.

There might be a bit of lying going on. You might lie to yourself and your might meet up with others who are also lying to themselves. This can really undermine progress. The good news is that this too shall pass. Imagine your perspective when you do make your way out of the paper bag!

flying man

We are finally shifting from the foggy, watery influence of Pisces, over the last month, to one of action as planetary bodies move into Aries. You can expect to see things kick into gear with some clarity. Finally!

So, if you have been suffering in a fog or feel that you can’t keep your head above water, relief is on the way. Additionally, Mercury goes direct Sunday, March 17th and we will see an improvement in all communication, as well as an end to the recent episodes of electronic and plumbing ordeals.

It looks good going forward and YOU are good to go!