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Opening the heart
Artwork by Jslattum

I say,
“I shall always love this place forever,”
But can I manage the burden of such a love?
Would it overshadow my life
Until I was lost in the dark side of it.
Swallowed up like Jonah.
I feel that now,
Casting nets of doubt and distrust –
In the folds of a churning belly,
Making amends
My lot in life.

Say instead,
“I shall always have the love of this place.”
Handy as a memory –
A sunny day,
Warm light flooded the kitchen
Bathed in yellow glory.
I feel that now.
Casting out regret,
Washed clean
In my own free will,
The purpose of my being.

September 2014


You were everywhere –
In the snaking pipes,
In the tunneled vents,
In the swooshing of doors, of windows.
You were in every room,
Every drawer,
Every cabinet.
You were in the painted walls,
The dirt in the cornered floors.
Hard as I tried,
I couldn’t take all of you with me.

September 2014

Moving boxes

I am moving backwards through my life,
Soon to be spatialised, catalogued, and titled.
I picture it –
Already gone.

Fingering its contents.
I am moving through
A favored museum.
A Medieval Priestess
Caring for souls.

Selecting, to preserve this one.
Safeguarding a misunderstood notion
Of my undervalued heritage.
It is a great production

This exhibit:
“Remember the time;”
That exhibit:
“When I was.”

Wrapping it up,
It disappears
Into smoothed papered assurances,
Like butchered meats.

I am satisfied, proud even.
The purchase it gives me,
Something to hold on to.
An illusion of my reality.

Filling boxes.
My back burdened of the stuff
That has made me.
I am a tired curator.

The artist’s rival, banking on futures, coming attractions.
Imagining new marble statues,
Declarations on pedestals
Of my next show.

October 13, 2014