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There are lots of opportunities this week to be misunderstood. With Mercury retrograde today at tight aspects to Aquarius, Mars and Scorpio and a new moon coming on the weekend it might feel a little explosive. This year is all about feet to the fire. There is a lot to be done; after all, this is the year to bring fruition to the things you have been working towards over the last 2 to 3 years. This is the time to come home.

By coming home, I mean returning to the truth of yourself. You might have strayed for any number of reasons or you might have completely abandoned yourself. Regardless of what happened, sometimes coming home can take a circuitous route. It can even be fraught with peril. But anyone who does the work will return all the wiser for the journey.

In all your wisdom, keep in mind that you might not be the only one headed home. You might be surrounded by lots of folks headed home. That level of excitement, trepidation, and even fear, coupled with the astrological influences, might provoke some tempers or, at the least, impatience. Just because your neighbor loses his way, doesn’t mean you need to.

This week mind any moth to the flame tendencies: 1. Keep good perspective. 2. Stay mindfully focused on who you want to be when the going gets rough. 3. Remember what you love in life.

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You might be experiencing some frustration with what seems to be a lack of progress. Mars is in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, and both are squared to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Mars, the baby of the universe, wants to push ahead – NOW. Neptune is inspired, but mysterious and vague, operating in the extrasensory perception – a dreamer for sure. And Saturn is the hard-nosed judgmental mind standing in your way. You might do best to take the path of least resistance and meander your way through with Neptune. Surrender, drop your defenses and let go of the idea of control. Sometimes its best to just take a day off. Let things be and see what happens. Timing is everything.

So tell that big baby inside you, “It is okay. Everything will be fine.” Let the judge take a recess. Suggest to that unforgiving voice that you give the big baby and the dreamer a minute to get better grounded. See what happens. In the meantime, ask yourself, “What would I like to do now that I have the big baby down for a nap and the judge is off fishing?”

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The Moon is in Aries this morning, along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Wow, talk about control! With this herculean energy, you might want to take something into your own hands before someone else does.

If you like, this is the time to take back self-reliance and self-determination and feel the freedom of your own self-direction. If you like, it is the time to run your own life and get some powerful support in taking it back.

Even though this commanding cardinal T-square will be with us into midsummer, and because you are likely to feel the pressure for the full first half of the year, NOW is the time to put things in place for how you’d like your life to look like. So here it is: consider that your fundamental beliefs about the meaning of things (Jupiter) may have to change (Uranus) significantly (Pluto), and know that all the work (Mars) you do to free yourself from the shackles of dependency is likely to pay off big time. It is worth the work out.

So, check it out, something may not be what it seems. You may have misunderstood. And as you read these words, you likely know exactly what I am referring to. Take a breath, look to the right and set your intention for what you’d like life to look like. Ask for clarity to “see” how and the courage to trust yourself in making it happen. Don’t miss this powerful energy surge coming in to burn off the fog, see “it” for what it is and get back on course driving your own bus.

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There are almost seven planets within one degree. The Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Mars, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 9 degrees of the sign they are transiting. The Sun will be at 8 degrees of Scorpio. And while this is unheard of, it looks to be positive. The energy between Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto is likely to provide for some kind of healing. Signs in Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn may willingly facilitate conversation and commitment to the transformation of a deep psychological wound. If this sounds interesting to you, make it work for you.

Friday night Pluto and Uranus finally square off. This has been coming for months and the good news is that as this powerful planets square off none of our personal planets are involved. Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces may produce some misplaced anger. Be mindful of your temper. Check it out, what are you really angry about?

Monday is a new moon. You might utilize it to keep any healing experiences “to keep on, keeping on!”

Be well and happy Halloween!


You may have noticed it has been tough lately. The energy has been tight and at times very pressured. It has been a roller coaster of this, this year, and it looks like it will be faithful to this pattern right up until we close 2013.

It helps to remember that life is changing and shifting all the time. And so, despite the pattern of 2013, there have been and will be breaks in it. Eventually it will evolve into something else, as nothing is forever.

Mars leaves Cancer for Leo today. This is an improvement as Mars functions well in a Fire sign. However, it’ll be squared by Saturn in Scorpio.

The combination of Mars and Saturn has a frightful reputation in astrology. It can be thought as a signature of cruelty.

To fare well this week, focus hard on getting past whatever is blocking you. Push back against the pressure thoughtfully or you run the risk of it bulldozing right over you.

This is a good week to hold your fire unless you’re really up for a battle. Be sure you are up for this, as if you do get involved in a conflict, the damage could be extensive.

Breathe. Keep your feet on the ground. Pay attention to the things that matter to you. Consider staying clear of the rest. Remember where you are headed. Make decisions in your best interest!

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The stellium in Aries (Mars) is in full effect now, squared by Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn), and aspected by Saturn in Scorpio (Mars). This Mars/Saturn combination is dynamic. Be mindful. Notice the dynamics in your interpersonal relationships and use this powerful energy strategically. Set aside your fear, get clear about what you want and utilize this energy to set in motion that which you would like make into reality.

The key here, is being present to notice the opportunities in the obstacles.

Wonder Woman wonder woman 23.jpg

By the end of today, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus will all be in Aries.
That is a powerful punch!
Be mindful, that these influences may cause you or others to behave assertively. You may notice aggressive, rash, and possible explosive behavior. Because of these potentials, mind your physiology. Pay close attentions to your thoughts and step in before they inform grand feelings and in turn reckless action. As the astrologer Elsa P says, “It is a little like the wild west out there!” Remember you don’t have to be holding a gun to get caught in the crossfire.

Keep your feet on the ground, breathe, and notice how it all unfolds- with every breath. It is from that perspective, that you will gain insight and clarity as to how to move forward.

May the Force be with you!