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This month will be a lot about education. Funny that it coincides with the start of school, but whether you are in school or not, you are likely going to be learning a lot this month. The Saturn transit will move into Sagittarius later this month.  The generosity of Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter, will bring a good focus to life lessons. Some may be hard lessons or lessons you may have been hard-headed about learning. Some will be lessons you’ve been studying for sometime.  Whatever the lesson, this week is a good time to prepare for the coming classroom.

I have a re-occurring dream. It shows up when I am tackling a big problem. In the dream, I am back in school riding the school bus. Well, not quite riding it!  In the dream, I miss the bus and end up at school late.  Only to discover, that I didn’t do my homework. I feel terribly desperate in the dream. Riddled with self-judgment and fearful of the judgment of others. I for one am certainly am not interested in that reality, and I bet you aren’t either.

Instead, go ahead this week and get clear about what you are working on. Mind the distractions of judgement about being on time. Let yourself appreciate the pace you have been keeping. It will be easier to change your pace, if you give yourself credit for the work you have done. There is no value in diminishing your motivation with cross looks from the “teacher.” If you would like to pick up the pace, accelerate your study and get on the bus – now is the time to plan for it. If not, that is important to know and perfectly okay.

How to prepare this week: Take some time each day this week. Just a few minutes in the middle of your busy life. Use your breath to shift over to your creative side. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold it for 2, and exhale for 6. Practice this breath just 3 times, return to your normal breathing, and then let yourself go. Go within yourself and first, consider where you’d like to be at the end of this year. Let yourself really see it. It will be like a movie in your head.  You won’t have to think about it, it will just show up for you. Then, once that is clear to you, begin to see the road that takes you to this place you want to go. Look for the bus stops along the way. There are many and they run regularly, so you don’t need to worry or show up in your pajamas without your homework!

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no love

1. Love is healing energy.
2. Healing is natural and an overwhelming biological drive outside of judgement designed to benefit evolution.
3. Therefore, love is instinctual and, by its very nature, reciprocal. Anything less is a form of hostility. To deny one’s self access to the experience of love is a form of self-hostility that compromises the system from reciprocity.
4. Hostility is not love.
5. Anything less than love is not love.

For example: X exploits Y for X’s self-preservation.

X’s Brain Cognition: “If you loved me, you will.”

Y’s Brain Cognition: “She will abandon me if I don’t.”

Y’s All Knowing Mind: Unconsciously initiates action in favor of self-preservation over evolution. This “stress state” is designed as a temporary state.

Y’s Body: Deprived of healing energy, the body stores the memory of hostility and struggles for equilibrium. Resources are limited as some are directed to “contain” hostility and can not attend fully to evolution. When this perpetuates, it may be considered a state of self-hostility.

Y’s Brain Cognition: Y shall believe, in an effort of self-preservation and to maintain cultural integrity for security within Y’s tribe, that “She loved me the best she could.” That this is the best that could be done. Y comes to believe that Y deserves less than love, a belief based in lacking and not in abundance; a hostile belief. With the installation of a hostile belief, thoughts, emotions and actions are guided without love and love can not be experienced.

Outcome for Y: The mind and body working without love, for only self-preservation instead of evolution, results in a compromised system. Without intervention, mind and body will become depleted leaving the mind and then the body vulnerable to sickness and disease.

Outcome for X: The mind and body working without love, for only self-preservation instead of evolution, results in a compromised system. Without intervention, mind and body will become depleted leaving the mind and then the body vulnerable to sickness and disease.


10 March 2014


Minding creatures keeps me honest.
Some days,
I’d like to steal the time of mucking stalls,
Especially on cold, dark days.

Head burdened,
At first,
Bothered, like a stubborn ass.
Then, fleeced and gloved
I am slipping into boots.

Out the door, winter wakes me
From my self-inflicted life.
My hyper-reality
To a deep black sea of stars.

I breath in the sharp, steel-blue night air.
Filtered of all my ideals,
Leaving me with just myself.

I am nothing more
Than everything before me.
The jangle of a rusted chain and clip,
The creak of a farm gate,
A mechanical wave, an oscillation of pressure

Stumbling in the dark.
I am a ghost in a clumsy, noisy machine
Almost drunk with desire,
Longingly pulled

To the deep,
Hoarse, breathy sound
Drawing out into a long moan.
See-sawing like an old rocking chair.

But, before my large muscles group,
Pitching in,
The rhythm
Of shoveling soft, earthy, black turds,
And then pitching out mouth-fulls of sweet-smelling honey colored hay.

Before I become
Myself again,
Illuminated in the yellowed barn light,
Shoveling and pitching
Remembered judgements.

I lean in, breathe in her dark, clay scent.
Feel the rough texture of coarse hair on sturdy, tall ears.
Steal a smooch of her baby-soft, warm snout.
I blindly finger her curious black lips, transliterating
Her whispered secrets

Wise beyond any language
I know.
I am the jack ass seeking pardon.
My devotion as self-reconciliation,
Stroking the long soft fur at her compliant breast.