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It may be a little dicey through today. The inner planets are active right now. You might notice an increase in anxiety or irritability. There is a fair amount of resistance out there, and if you aren’t resisting changing, your neighbor might be. The moon rises today against Mars, Mercury, and the moon. If you look inward, you may discover you are fighting old ideas about growing (up!).

What to do? This is only going to last a day or two, so you can wait for it to pass. Use your breath, return to the NOW where the thing that you think is irritating you isn’t really what’s got you worked up. But if you want, you can drop into your body and use your intuition. You can decide what you want to do about the resistance you might experience, when you experience it.

Intuition is a common human experience of knowing something immediately that fosters a compelling sense of truth without conscious reasoning. It involves rapid communication between the right brain and the body. It is a powerful experience because the space between the conscious and unconscious processing is where change in one’s thinking can occur with the greatest ease. Intuition bridges the narrowly focused critical thinking skills of the conscious mind with the quick, flexible and larger processing ability of the unconscious mind and provides great insight. This newly acquired insight is then affirmed in the body through sensations that indicate truth.  You may call it a gut feeling.  (Adapted from the work of Dr. Lori Hops and Terry Marks-Tarow)

Are you willing to consider that intuition is an internal human program that can guide you through change? If you are, does it make sense to hone it? What if you really do already know what you want and how to access it? Are you ready to consider the self-determination that that information may provide you? Or do you notice it scares you? Would you prefer to deny it? Do you believe it is blasphemous? Ridiculous? Illogical? And where do those beliefs lead you?

This week, take a peek inside. Consider trusting how you feel about something with one caveat –  you gotta be on the right side. The right side of the brain that is. Go there right now. Breathe in for 4, hold for 2, and exhale for 6. Practice this breath just three times and then notice what happens. That shift you feel, that sense that you have more space and time in your life – that is the right side of the brain. Once you are there, check out your intuitive thought. What more can you learn about the information you received intuitively?

And now the big finish. The leap of faith.  Trust yourself.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to do now?” Follow that inquiry until it takes you to something actionable that you agree with, that resonates with your mind and body. Then?  Yep, that is the leap.  Do it.  Go ahead and do it.  See what happens.

In the midst of what you see as problematic, it can be difficult to recognize the opportunities. I can help you discover a new way of thinking that will assist you in managing and negotiating life’s obstacles. You will find that this new way of thinking provides you opportunities that you hadn’t previously noticed as well as affords you the confidence and desire to live your life in the driver’s seat.

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I am resting in the chaos at 20.6275° N, 87.0811° W. With each passing moment I am shifting out of chronos time and into kairos time. My physiology, at a cellular level, is mirroring my increasingly relaxed mind, and I am less and less concerned with the chronological or sequential nature of time. I am noticing with greater frequency, and more deeply, the exact moment of opportunity. When my belly stirs with hunger. When my desire is employed to move alongside or into the turquoise sea. It can be so easy in a setting like this. But still, if I haven’t followed the circuitous nature of kairos time in my day to day busy life, I will likely not find it on the Mayan Rivera. We have a new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces tonight, opposed by Jupiter in Virgo with Saturn in Sagittarius completing a t-square to the whole shabang. This is a good time to practice a shift and stay in the flow of it until the next full moon.

I know someone who recently did a vision board. She carefully cut out pictures and glued them down as a map of where she would like her life to take her. Now is her chance to really ground what can seem like a willy-nilly-silly plan. If she works with this incoming energy, she can commit with Saturn and ride the abundant wave of Jupiter all the way out – determined with Virgo to make good sense of her vision. She can work with a brain balanced in sense and dream to create a rich life. Otherwise, even the warm, soft, dreamy waves of the Carribean will eventually knock her off her feet.

Go ahead and shift this week. Find that intuitive nature of kairos time (no matter where you are), take what you learn, and feed yourself. It is so much easier to find a good taco stand after a long walk on the beach.

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I know you know, how sometimes the work ahead of you can feel overwhelming and you think things aren’t going to work out. You might be right, but it might not be in the way you thought.

This can happen because you may be thinking too much about it. It is reasonable to “think to much” when something isn’t working, after all isn’t thinking the way to figure it out? But here is the thing, if you weren’t able to come up with a good answer after a bit of thinking, it is likely that the answer to your problem is not going to come through rational thought. And so, that mouse wheel can turn the problem over and over and over again, but that wheel is going to just keep on spinning – gaining no traction, and you are going to become more and more frustrated. You may even feel like you are going mad, losing your mind, because the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting different results.

Here is another way to look at it. You are resisting the resistance. Don’t make everything into a fight. You might not need to defend yourself as often as you think- ah, and there is that word again: THINK. Don’t get me wrong, thinking is good. It is critical. But it is not the “be all, end all” of the variety of tricks you have in your bag. Dig down, trust that it is worth searching to the very bottom of your bag for you intuition. If you haven’t used it in a while the bottom of the bag is exactly where it while be. So be patient and dig down. Trust that it is there. Have a little faith that you might already know what to do. Let yourself yourself consider what you want. Ask yourself, “What do I want to do about this?” Follow the answer to the question with the same inquiry, “What do I want to do about this?” Follow it until you end up at the solution.

One thing. You may run into your own resistance when you practice this. I know that I do. It is okay. Keep moving through the “I don’t know what I want to do,” “This is ridiculous,” “What I want to do, is fix my problem,” “I want to eat the whole thing,” or “I just want to get altered.” Move through the resistance with the same inquire. Go ahead and say to yourself, “Okay, so you just want to get altered. Now what do you want to do?”

So now if you want, practice this this week. It is going to be very useful in the time ahead of you. Go ahead, do it if you want.

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