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We still have Mars, Venus, and Mercury situated to provide good stability for “making it happen” these next few weeks. Neptune and Saturn are creating a bit of nervous hesitation, or self-doubt, but don’t let them get in your way. Use that self-doubt to deepen your trust in yourself and in the world around you. Does it sound like I am asking for a pink pony or to have my cake and eat it too?  Why not?  After all, it is my birthday week. But if it is not your birthday, don’t let that stop you from taking your world by the tail and making friends with what you thought was destiny.

This week, but really in this moment, and remember it is always this moment. In this moment, this week, you go ahead into your head. Into the space in your own mind. Go ahead.  Discover what you want to do. Follow your desire as an expression of what you want in this moment. Leave your neediness aside. Let go. Mind the clinging. Mind the grasping.

You have the time and the space within your own mind to discover 3 things:

1. what are you hiding?
2. what are you fighting?
3. what are you afraid of?

Allow what you learn to be of service to you. Mind making it something with which you struggle or fight. Leave your neediness behind. Mind the grasping. Pull back the curtain and discover the inner workings of the machine, (in this moment) that is your mind (in this moment).

What am I hiding (in this moment)? My age. What am I fighting (in this moment)? Wrinkles. What am I afraid of (in this moment)? Dying.

Sound familiar? It turns out, that there is a great space outside of my mind where my doubt connects me. A place where I can feel connected and less singular – less alone.  A place where my doubt can actually help me heal, if I let it.  So I am going to let it.  I am going to go ahead and come out of my head and let me hair down.

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