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There is a nice under current out there this week. It is beneath a high pressure front. You will notice the high pressure front. There is more than a bit of misunderstanding in communication, as well as some logistical challenges with the tools we rely on for communication. You may experience technical difficulties this week.

However, if you drop down, just a bit, you might find a very nice flow of easy energy. Remember riding a bike as a kid? This nice under current of energy can feel like those days of sailing with ease and freedom down a nice and steady hill. Remember the feeling of the wind in your hair? The smell of the warm summer breeze? Remember how confident you felt? It was easy to take one hand off those handle bars and rest it relaxed on your thigh. You knew you were moving right through the middle of world, and it felt very satisfying to cut a path straight through.

If you want, conjure up that memory and take advantage of this energy to make good progress this week. Cut right through the heavy front and get down to the bottom of what you want, then take it to the finish. Carry it straight on through to the finish line.

Ahhh, it can feel good to coast down hill and sail on through, making progress with less work.

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