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"The World Was Swimming" -oil painting by T. Boehle

Breathe– breath is our literal reminder of what it means to live. As we transform oxygen to carbon dioxide we are reminded of how connected and useful we are in our world.

See– vision begins with attention to our surroundings and is realized when we act in the belief that we have the ability to influence our world.

Stand– balanced and connected to the earth and all its creation.

Move– step into your shoes and out of your way. Your boots were made for walking.

Bend– practice flexibility. It will provide you with great perspective.

Embrace– first, welcome all that life offers with curiosity and without judgment.

Engage– commit to the wonder of what it all might mean.

Kneel– be humbled by the process of living life with forgiveness and compassion as your guides.

Offer– share your authentic self with ease and take joy in doing so.

Touch– learn to accept with gratitude and to decline with grace.

Speak– tell your story. Sing your song.

Turn– offer your ears, hands and heart when they are needed.