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You might be experiencing some frustration with what seems to be a lack of progress. Mars is in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, and both are squared to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Mars, the baby of the universe, wants to push ahead – NOW. Neptune is inspired, but mysterious and vague, operating in the extrasensory perception – a dreamer for sure. And Saturn is the hard-nosed judgmental mind standing in your way. You might do best to take the path of least resistance and meander your way through with Neptune. Surrender, drop your defenses and let go of the idea of control. Sometimes its best to just take a day off. Let things be and see what happens. Timing is everything.

So tell that big baby inside you, “It is okay. Everything will be fine.” Let the judge take a recess. Suggest to that unforgiving voice that you give the big baby and the dreamer a minute to get better grounded. See what happens. In the meantime, ask yourself, “What would I like to do now that I have the big baby down for a nap and the judge is off fishing?”

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Jill Bolte Taylor
This a fascinating example of right brain/left brain activity. It was after my poisoning in 2001, that I experienced many of the same sensations that Jill discusses. This led to my interest in brain activity, but more importantly an investigation of how to life a life aligned with my deepest desires. Enjoy this!