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There is good room out there right now to change your mind. The universal vibrations are open to it. It’s all about communication this week and there is good support to speak your mind freely and feel empowered in doing so. So keep it in mind, if you want to change your mind or refine your thinking about something, now is a good time.

Don’t misunderstand though, it may involve deep thinking and serious conversations.  Changing your mind is not “just like” creating a whole new reality. It is really creating a whole new reality, and creating reality is work. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This week give yourself permission to create and even re-create. Give yourself time and space to seemingly start again. Mind the self-talk of “I don’t have time for this,” or “I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this.” Creating happens outside of time. Creating happens in the space–time continuum and is an infinite process. That can be a good thing to remember.

You are working at the super-galactic and subatomic levels. That is a lot of information, no wonder it will involve some deep thinking and some serious conversations, if only with yourself.  So give yourself a break if creating your reality involves more than a few tweaks!


There is a nice under current out there this week. It is beneath a high pressure front. You will notice the high pressure front. There is more than a bit of misunderstanding in communication, as well as some logistical challenges with the tools we rely on for communication. You may experience technical difficulties this week.

However, if you drop down, just a bit, you might find a very nice flow of easy energy. Remember riding a bike as a kid? This nice under current of energy can feel like those days of sailing with ease and freedom down a nice and steady hill. Remember the feeling of the wind in your hair? The smell of the warm summer breeze? Remember how confident you felt? It was easy to take one hand off those handle bars and rest it relaxed on your thigh. You knew you were moving right through the middle of world, and it felt very satisfying to cut a path straight through.

If you want, conjure up that memory and take advantage of this energy to make good progress this week. Cut right through the heavy front and get down to the bottom of what you want, then take it to the finish. Carry it straight on through to the finish line.

Ahhh, it can feel good to coast down hill and sail on through, making progress with less work.

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You may have noticed that communication has been challenging lately. It might seem like we are speaking another language, that we reside in a country of misunderstanding. Un-returned phone calls, emails lost in cyberspace, and agreements coming undone are just a few examples of what many of us have been experiencing while Mercury has been retrograde. To make it even more interesting many of us are digging deep to understand what this all means. Many of us are digging in deeply – holding on for dear life in an attempt to keep still the troubled waters. There may have been a surplus of over reactions and under reactions that have ignited tempers to flare. Timing is everything and right now it might feel like the timing is off. Nothing quite gels right now.

Remember that even if you aren’t feeling the atmospheric pressure the gal next to you might be. We are all so interconnected. Interconnected with each other and everything around us. That is a lot of connection! When you think about this, it is easier to see how complicated life is. After all, how is it possible to control anything if it is so interconnected. You would have to control yourself: your thoughts, your emotions, and your physiology. And then you would have to control her or him and her or his thoughts, emotions, and physiology. And then the organization of bigger groups- like the solar system!

So if you are noticing things are a bit tight, that the timing is off, and communication is thwarted; remember you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You might do well to notice that. Notice what you notice and allow yourself the privilege of considering it. Take a minute. Practice patience and allow it to provide you perspective. Mind your fear about letting go. What do you want to do about what you see? How can you honor yourself in what seems like chaos? Can you consider that there may be an order to it? Can you allow yourself a place in the organization of order without control? Once you know these answers it will be clearer about how to move forward. It will be easier to respect yourself and the space around you.

Remember: Respect the space, you are a steward of the universe.

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flying man

We are finally shifting from the foggy, watery influence of Pisces, over the last month, to one of action as planetary bodies move into Aries. You can expect to see things kick into gear with some clarity. Finally!

So, if you have been suffering in a fog or feel that you can’t keep your head above water, relief is on the way. Additionally, Mercury goes direct Sunday, March 17th and we will see an improvement in all communication, as well as an end to the recent episodes of electronic and plumbing ordeals.

It looks good going forward and YOU are good to go!