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That Aries energy came in with that gorgeous Supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday night. I am a deep ecology therapist. I am not an astrologer. I like to look at the world from many different perspectives so that I can see common themes and more easily find opportunities in what seems like obstacles. I like the big picture and the picture of the universe is pretty big. And that picture of the bigger universe is like everything in nature, it mirrors something within in itself and that mirrors something else within itself and pretty soon we are at Horton Hears A Who!

Big picture, zoom out. Little picture, zoom in. Physics tells us that those pictures are composed of vibrations. Zoom out- big vibrations, like planetary activity. Zoom in- the seemingly subtle shifts of your cells.

This week we might be looking for heroes or you might feel like you are called to put out fires. Either way, think about moving forward with greater trust in yourself. Consider that you might be paying attention to everything: the cosmos, the cellular and all the subtleties in between. Then take it one step further and imagine that there is even more to it then that. How wonderful is that? “That” is a lot of information for saving the day! Heroes might just be those attending to the scope of things and then willing to trust their own ability to act in unison with the scope of things.

Want to be a hero? Mind the confusion and fear, like in that dream where you are frozen and can’t move. Instead, when confusion and fear come up, go deep and go broad and then come back to center.

Artwork by Emily Winfield Martin

This week is a busy one! It might be like a three ring circus. The good thing about a three ring circus is that there is always something going on and that increases your chances of seeing something you like.

Tomorrow the Sun travels into Libra whose ruler Venus, is in Leo- this all trines Uranus in Aries! That is a lot of sun lovingly balanced and fired up for a big surprise that might just be liberating.

Consider the ring with all the clowns coming out of the little car. It is funny, but it is kind of scary too. So much of one thing can be a little deceptive. How do all those clowns fit in that little car anyway? Hmm, there might be something fishy going on.

As the week moves on, this theme may grow into the shadow aspects. Think of the magician sawing the beautiful woman in half. It is disturbing and yet you peak.  Things aren’t always what they seem to be and without all the information it can be hard to decide what is right. Would telling the truth spoil the secret? Would you say it is fair to call the bearded lady a freak, if she simply suffers from a hormonal imbalance? Is it false advertisement? Who is manipulating who?

And to top it all of, in the center ring and for the grand finale, at nearly the strike of midnight we have Mars, Saturn, Neptune AND full Supermoon lunar eclipse in Aries. This week spills into next week with a spot light on what might be the harsh realities of the past.

There is a theme here this week and it provides you a good opportunity to get a lot swept out from under the rug. Let yourself take a bit of shelter in the audience. Watch how the tricks are done. Mind being too eager to get up in front of the crowd. And definitely don’t turn your back on the lions. See if you can do all that and still have fun at the circus!


There is a lunar eclipse in Aries today. Jupiter in Cancer is involved and this is a good thing for new starts! In the new story, make yourself the winner. This energy won’t support losers! Look forward to a pleasant and peaceful weekend with a Grand Trine in Earth on Saturday. We could all use some good grounding after the ride it has been. The Grand Trine includes the moon, Mars and Pluto. So make an effort (Mars) to re-organize (Pluto) your innerself (moon). And while you are re-arranging the furniture in your head feel free to take some emotional garbage out. Either way, things should go well. There is an enormous emphasis on the Earth and Water signs over the weekend with the moon, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all in either Earth or Water signs. It is all good. Water in earth are good companions. On Sunday, the Moon in Taurus will oppose Saturn. You might want to come to terms with something at that time. Feel safe, it is a good time.


The stellium in Aries (Mars) is in full effect now, squared by Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn), and aspected by Saturn in Scorpio (Mars). This Mars/Saturn combination is dynamic. Be mindful. Notice the dynamics in your interpersonal relationships and use this powerful energy strategically. Set aside your fear, get clear about what you want and utilize this energy to set in motion that which you would like make into reality.

The key here, is being present to notice the opportunities in the obstacles.

Wonder Woman wonder woman 23.jpg

By the end of today, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus will all be in Aries.
That is a powerful punch!
Be mindful, that these influences may cause you or others to behave assertively. You may notice aggressive, rash, and possible explosive behavior. Because of these potentials, mind your physiology. Pay close attentions to your thoughts and step in before they inform grand feelings and in turn reckless action. As the astrologer Elsa P says, “It is a little like the wild west out there!” Remember you don’t have to be holding a gun to get caught in the crossfire.

Keep your feet on the ground, breathe, and notice how it all unfolds- with every breath. It is from that perspective, that you will gain insight and clarity as to how to move forward.

May the Force be with you!

flying man

We are finally shifting from the foggy, watery influence of Pisces, over the last month, to one of action as planetary bodies move into Aries. You can expect to see things kick into gear with some clarity. Finally!

So, if you have been suffering in a fog or feel that you can’t keep your head above water, relief is on the way. Additionally, Mercury goes direct Sunday, March 17th and we will see an improvement in all communication, as well as an end to the recent episodes of electronic and plumbing ordeals.

It looks good going forward and YOU are good to go!

Two Parellel Lines Extend Forever

“Two Parallel Lines Extend Forever” by T. Boehle oil paint on board, copyright 2011

The energy is a bit dicey right now with Mars and Pluto simultaneously preparing to square Uranus in Aries. It can feel dangerous.

Give thanks to yourself for your willingness to be present when the energy feels tight. Breathe in and on the out breath notice your own potential for space. Breathe again, and notice the increased space. Allow yourself to fully appreciate the added room. Third breath, breathing in for the count of 4, holding for 2, and exhaling for 6. Enjoy the sensation of relaxed. Notice it at the bottoms of your feet and the palms of your hands.

It is all good and it will be fine.