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The clickety click click steel sound.
The workings of an impressive set of gears.
Teeth turning something over and over.
The backward feel of climbing up,
Until I am on top of it.
Desperate with fear.
Clinging to something stupid.

“Stop,” I say.
“What have I done?”
“Close your eyes,” I say.
“Don’t look.”
“Yes. okay.”

And the steel sound –
Clickety click click –
And, in between,
My breath in and out,
There is silence.
It is still.

The slight almost undetected sway.
I am soon convinced,
There is no turning back.
And the clack lets go forward into a beautiful swoosh.
The air, soft and warm at first,
Quickly steals my breath.

Haunches lurch out of my seat.
Stomach a sack of butterflies let loose.
“Dear God,
What have I done?”
Metal-barred fists full of dear life.
I am worshiping,
“Oh my God,”

At the steep drop of things.
The bottom has come out.
I am falling apart,
Descending to my demise,
If not saved by some unexpected hard turn to the right.
Barreling at such a speed,
Surely this was a bad idea.

I am a wreck.
A series of sharp turns
Followed by several loop de loops –
The whole world upside down.
I give in.
Give up, even.
Let go to the long crazy ride.

September 2014