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rising phoenix

This full Moon in Gemini is powerful and it is coming in whether you like it or not! If you have been working the moon energy since the new moon in Sagittarius, full moon fruition will arrive on Tuesday.

Gemini is Mercury-ruled so this “search for wisdom” Sagittarius new moon energy is about to erupt into greater clarity concerning communication of all sorts, internal (mind/body/spirit? and external (other humans and outside forces at work). With this clarity things might get a little prickly. Keep yourself grounded and mind extremes.

This new moon-full moon energy is like a rising phoenix, the death of one aspect of yourself will allow a rebirth. It is a time to let go of that which no longer serves you. So if you have been working this moon cycle, notice how in coming days, it might be easier to get where you are going and work that. Look for the openings, timing is everything. If you haven’t been working the energy, it is not to late. Go ahead and jump on in Tuesday night and let the full moon assist you in letting go. Don’t know what to let go of? That’s okay. Just ask to let go of whatever is ready to move.


The stars, that nature hung in heaven, and filled their lamps with everlasting oil, give due light to the misled and lonely traveller.—John Milton

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to see our reflection more clearly and to better understand the nature of our experience here in duality. When the Sun and Moon are opposed the instinctive and the conscious flow back and forth with the potential to blend and integrate the characteristics of the signs that inhabit each end of the axis. When we consider the influences of this Full Moon we see that the simplicity of Taurus stands ready to share perspective with the mystery of Scorpio. Taurus is about establishing one self in physical reality, attaining the basic requirements for physical existence while Scorpio works upon the basis of exploring the true nature of that existence. Taurus is superficial while Scorpio is deep. (This does not mean that Taurus people are superficial or that all Scorpios are deep)

What is occurring is the ability to know in physical reality all that transpires in the depths of our psyche bringing clarity to what has typically been a chaotic experience. The Moon, as home to our emotions, benefits, finds security in, the peace of knowing the truth of this experience. When we examine the dynamic of this chart further we see that the rulers of Taurus and Scorpio (Venus and Pluto) are conjunct in Capricorn assisting us in bringing up inured patterns for review and transformation. This is ongoing of course. We should not forget the square between Uranus and Pluto that has been affecting us since June of 2012. (The synodic square occurs on November 24th. “The synodic square is the actual (heliocentric) square occurring in the current 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966, at the exact peak of the Vietnam War and the emergence of the Flower Power Political Movement. This is the first (90°) square in this cycle. The extreme cultural and societal events of the mid-1960s were a product of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and the start of this 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle. The square occurring in 2012-2015 will stimulate dynamic cultural and societal action based upon what was set in motion in the 1960s. This few-year period should also be quite catalytic for those born in the mid-1960s.”– Nick Anthony Fiorenza)

Let the old structures shift. Light is seen between the cracks. Expect relationship issues from the past to present them selves for resolution. Matters of lust and love, self-worth and transcendence are significant aspects in understanding the basic truth of Self.

Venus represents relationship and desire the ultimate goal of which is self-love and freedom from desire. The relationship between male/female has created reactions that run the gamut of human nature and how grateful we are for this, the roller coaster ride. What other reason to exist in duality than to savour the many nuances here? And to do it from a place of non-judgment allows us the pleasure without the suffering. As one becomes weary of the drama, and those feelings of being up and/or down, it is less a matter of choice as it is ‘been there done that’ so many times that I no longer require that experience. By accepting the transience of mind and emotion, attachment to an experience diminishes long enough to know the intrinsic nature.

In Taurus/Scorpio the whole matter of life and death, existence and non-existence arises for examination. To this ancient quest for understanding is a simple answer—that which is never born can never die and our true nature is always, infinite and eternal a truth that reveals itself as we encounter the illusion that we are anything that lies out side of the Self or that changes. The deep knowing of Scorpio finds expression through the simple expression that is Taurus and the reverse applies, that within this simple truth is the end of the quest to discover the mystery of human existence—there are no questions to be asked only moments of presence.

The fixed stars that influence this chart lie on either side of the Moon. They are Capulus at 24 degrees Taurus and Caput Algol (gorgon’s head) at 26 degrees. Both of these stars lie in the constellation Perseus, the hero who slew Medusa. Algol represents feminine power (though deeply feared) that through the centuries has been prominent during events of decapitation. There is also association with symbolically losing one’s head.

Capulus, in the sword hand of Perseus, represents male power, resources and tools that assist one to accomplish great deeds. The result of these two stars present in this Full Moon chart can only be known for sure as we pass through the energy of these few days prior to and subsequent to the opposition. As we are finding reconciliation and harmony where there was once conflict and misunderstanding it would be hoped that the energies of these two be felt as one, that they blend in a way that allows the most positive aspects of each to influence consciousness and if a few heads need to role in the process then so be it! Otherwise may the masculine not be threatened and may the feminine not defend. May they accept and allow what is to be. No need to conquer or control.

The closest aspect to the Moon is a sextile from Jupiter (20 deg. Cancer) and Black Moon Lilith (21 deg. Cancer). It is a potent combination when considered with the placement of Caput Algol, as the energy is very similar—both Medusa and Lilith have been demonized and loathed. Both are characterized by the serpent that was defeated before the patriarchy and the new religions could succeed. As a story this has outlived its usefulness.

Jupiter lends considerable weight to the wisdom of letting go and accepting all that is. There is value in seeing the limitations we have imposed upon our selves by repressing any aspect of human nature. We cannot know the self as love as long as we see any part of the self as unlovable.

Whenever we are faced with such powerful dynamics astrologically there is a discomfort that envelops us as the resistance to change meets the forces of transformation. Change will occur in time and resistance is futile. Best to step through the fear and embrace the light on the other side. It may surprise us how easy it is and the extent to which the pain is present depends upon my willingness to accept.

Part of the clarity we obtain during this Full Moon is that we do not need to seek love, we are love and that the inner peace we truly desire is as a result of knowing the self as love. All of this occurs and then life happens and our relationship as everything is as apparent as a Full Moon in all its luminous beauty hanging within the same source of I am.


There are almost seven planets within one degree. The Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Mars, Uranus and Pluto will all be at 9 degrees of the sign they are transiting. The Sun will be at 8 degrees of Scorpio. And while this is unheard of, it looks to be positive. The energy between Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto is likely to provide for some kind of healing. Signs in Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn may willingly facilitate conversation and commitment to the transformation of a deep psychological wound. If this sounds interesting to you, make it work for you.

Friday night Pluto and Uranus finally square off. This has been coming for months and the good news is that as this powerful planets square off none of our personal planets are involved. Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces may produce some misplaced anger. Be mindful of your temper. Check it out, what are you really angry about?

Monday is a new moon. You might utilize it to keep any healing experiences “to keep on, keeping on!”

Be well and happy Halloween!


There is a lunar eclipse in Aries today. Jupiter in Cancer is involved and this is a good thing for new starts! In the new story, make yourself the winner. This energy won’t support losers! Look forward to a pleasant and peaceful weekend with a Grand Trine in Earth on Saturday. We could all use some good grounding after the ride it has been. The Grand Trine includes the moon, Mars and Pluto. So make an effort (Mars) to re-organize (Pluto) your innerself (moon). And while you are re-arranging the furniture in your head feel free to take some emotional garbage out. Either way, things should go well. There is an enormous emphasis on the Earth and Water signs over the weekend with the moon, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all in either Earth or Water signs. It is all good. Water in earth are good companions. On Sunday, the Moon in Taurus will oppose Saturn. You might want to come to terms with something at that time. Feel safe, it is a good time.


The moon, almost full,
Cuts a white hole in the indigo night sky, like a child with scissors.
A finite black, papery disc flutters fast, unnoticed, out of sight.
Like confetti on New Year’s Eve,
The brilliant cut no longer contained,
Spills in-falling particles of light.
The dark sapphire sea scintillates.

In a sequined dress, it dances in great waves to the moon’s lead
In the spot of light, shimmies and shakes,
A great lustrous, ebony muscle under a skin of satin glass,
Billing a holiday mood.
Shhhhish Shahhh Ahhhhh Haa, Shhhhish Shahhh Ahhhhh Haa
What a party.
I watch from my window.

From infinitely far into the future,
One at a time, they come rolling in,
Out from that soft blurred navy line,
Regular patrons of a smokey night club.
An eternal flood of guests heady and boisterous,
Their steady rumpus, sounding,
Like the static of an old radio played between stations.

As they arrive
White crested black tides,
I make out the smooth, shore sound of each of them
CHAHH Shhhhshahh Ahhhh
Some louder than others, but collectively
A deafening din.

I am a child of this Moon and Sea duet
Jazzed with fresh salted air
Almost lured,
If not for standing in the shadows
Aside soft billowing bedroom curtains
Stealing entry to a brilliant show,
To strip clean and swim in the ancient memory of my beginnings.

At this curvature of space, this bridge in the cosmos,
I am quick and nimble, finding the discarded black hole
Fitting it into place, pasting it in, like closing my curtains,
Turning my back on possibilities too great to consider.
I climb into a soft, cloudy bed
Romanced and dreamy-eyed by the pas de deux,
I fall asleep.

18 September 2013


You may have noticed it has been tough lately. The energy has been tight and at times very pressured. It has been a roller coaster of this, this year, and it looks like it will be faithful to this pattern right up until we close 2013.

It helps to remember that life is changing and shifting all the time. And so, despite the pattern of 2013, there have been and will be breaks in it. Eventually it will evolve into something else, as nothing is forever.

Mars leaves Cancer for Leo today. This is an improvement as Mars functions well in a Fire sign. However, it’ll be squared by Saturn in Scorpio.

The combination of Mars and Saturn has a frightful reputation in astrology. It can be thought as a signature of cruelty.

To fare well this week, focus hard on getting past whatever is blocking you. Push back against the pressure thoughtfully or you run the risk of it bulldozing right over you.

This is a good week to hold your fire unless you’re really up for a battle. Be sure you are up for this, as if you do get involved in a conflict, the damage could be extensive.

Breathe. Keep your feet on the ground. Pay attention to the things that matter to you. Consider staying clear of the rest. Remember where you are headed. Make decisions in your best interest!

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The sky continues to be dominated by planets in Taurus as we head into the Thursday’s solar eclipse in Taurus. We have been feeling this push and pull energy for a bit. Hold tight, you may continue to notice the stress of it this week. It can feel like a tight rope or a line to toe. It can feel restricting to notice this and interpret it as leaving you little room for error. Use your breath to expand your field and give yourself more time and space.

Be mindful of Taurus’s influence for self-indulgence while Saturn is bearing down hard for control. Notice the tendency for all or nothing thinking. Stay on course and ride it out, like the wave of energy that it is. Use your breath and the intention “To stay in the flow”. Surprisingly, it is these times that teach us our true strength, abilities, and purpose.

And if you are not noticing the tension, go ahead and harness it’s power.