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Join me in a relaxation group and a group distance energy healing on Tuesday the 24th of November. These budget friendly options for relaxation and healing come at the perfect time, just before Thanksgiving!  As those of you who have joined me previously for the relaxation group know,  all that is required of you is to show up. This means register today , log in to your computer on Tuesday, check your email, follow the link from me and join the session in the comfort of your home. You can participate while sitting in a chair or laying on the floor or your bed- or anywhere you like.

As those of you who have joined me for a distance group energy session know, there is no requirement on your part. You are free to do whatever you might be doing while the session is taking place. If you would like to bring more consciousness to the session, it is as easy as simply noting that the session is beginning and then bringing your attention to your own physiology. In other words, as you feel the energy – go ahead and feel it! It feels good. Remember, you need to do nothing for the session and it is perfectly fine to be in bed and asleep or busy baking pies!

You can follow the below link to learn more and get on board for either, or both sessions on Tuesday the 24th.

Relax at 7:00 MST and go even deeper at 8:00 MST. The cost of each session is $15 and you can use your credit card.

See you Tuesday night!

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“Create your own reality.”
What does that really mean? Is it really possible to create your own reality? What if I told you it was natural, that you already have the ability to do it? Would you like to understand how it’s done? Would you like to learn how to do it?

My name is Tami Satterfield and I am a licensed psychotherapist. I like to look at the world from many different perspectives. It gives me more options and makes it easier to make sense of things so I can align my actions with my purpose and get what I want. If this sounds good to you, you are ready to create your own reality and begin working the laws of attraction to manifest abundance in your life.

In this workshop you will utilize one of the most powerful cycles in nature, the cycle of the moon, as the vehicle to:
• Change your thinking;
• Explore what you really want out of life and what is standing in your way;
• Learn the purpose of intention and how to utilize it;
• Understand the energetic vibrations that exist in the world and how to utilize them for manifestation;
• Discover why control is an illusion and influence is the supreme power of the universe;
• Utilize readily available information to gain greater perspective;
• Practice trust in your intuition.

Why the moon cycle?
Are you at the beginning of the process of changing your thinking? Or, would you like to deepen your practice? Working in conjunction with a natural cycle, such as the cycle of the new moon, is an easy way to either begin to practice or deepen your practice of changing the way you think. Think of it as a natural “classroom.” It is a library of information that is always available and open to your study. The cycle offers an intense focus for a short duration of time. This intense focus can increase the outcome; in other words, you move farther faster. Additionally, there is benefit from working in a group. It can also accelerate your progress, as you can benefit from the work of others.

You can expect:
Confidentialityyour experience and participation can be as private or as collaborative as you would like;
Education, tools, and instruction for practices to change your thinking and begin creating your own reality – direct to your email;
Personalized feedback from me, as well as access to other participant’s workshop experience to deepen your understanding;
One distance group energy session at the close of the workshop for deep relaxation and assimilation of the workshop experience.

This workshop is NOT about astrology, but utilizes the natural astrological occurrences as a learning tool to practice new ways of thinking and new practical skills. Brain research shows that it can be easier to create neuro-pathways when practice occurs outside of established patterns of thought. Think of the moon cycle as akin to an exotic land; it is a great place to go and discover a new side of yourself.

Workshop runs from September 8 -29. Participate live or at your convenience. Cost is $45.
Register on-line at
Questions? Contact Tami at To learn more, visit


Would you be interested in getting a little extra energy?

I am conducting research on distance energy healing and am looking for 10 people to participate in a 6 week study. I am looking for people who have had energy work previously and PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ENERGY WORK.

I will be offering 6 one-hour energy sessions on Wednesday evenings at 10 pm EST. There is nothing for you to do and it is not necessary to be awake. The only requirement of you is to answer 4 questions in the morning following the treatment. You will receive a text or if you prefer an email to remind you to submit the information. The questions require very short answers.

In return for your information you will receive a one-hour treatment every Wednesday for 6 weeks. It is not necessary that you do anything for the treatment or during the treatment time. It has been reported by many people that the treatments are deeply relaxing and provide for deeper sleep. It can be utilized more powerfully with intention and attention, but is not necessary for the purpose of this research. The only thing required of you is to provide your feedback following each session.

Let me know if you have interest at as soon as possible as the space is limited. Please share this with anyone you think might have interest. For more information about me, please visit

Best Regards,



Fred Gallo It’s been 16 years since I introduced the term Energy Psychology with my book by the same title; however, actually I introduced the term in seminars that I presented prior to that time. Some people have been concerned as to why I chose the term Energy Psychology, since it may restrict its usage to people with appropriate licensure. However I would like to assure you that restricting usage has never been the intention and many professionals employ psychological research and principles in the course of their professions. This applies to not only psychologists and psychiatrists, but also counselors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, social workers, physicians, managers, you name it. Even attorneys employ psychological principles in jury selection, and politicians utilize psychological principles to win elections and to convince their constituents. Anytime human interaction is involved, psychological principles can come to bear. However it is correct that only appropriately licensed professionals…

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energy hands

LOS ANGELES— Kenneth Klee literally wrote the book on U.S. bankruptcy law. But when he’s not busy restructuring corporate debt, you can find him restructuring chakras at his home energy-healing practice. WSJ’s Michael Corkery reports.

Kenneth Klee’s longtime law partner had spent weeks in the summer of 2010 typing up a voluminous report on the Tribune Co. TRBAA -0.33% bankruptcy, and his hands ached.

The 64-year-old Mr. Klee, who is described by peers as one of the most respected bankruptcy lawyers in the U.S., closed his eyes, peered through his “third eye” and waved his “energy hand” above his colleague’s outstretched arms. Almost immediately, the hurt was gone.

“All I know is that I was in pain and he did his thing and I felt better,” said Lee Bogdanoff, the lawyer treated by Mr. Klee.

By day, Mr. Klee inhabits the world of high-stakes bankruptcy cases, charging clients such as Jefferson County, Ala., about $1,000 an hour for legal advice. At night, Mr. Klee holds energy healings in a small room of his elegant, one-story home in the leafy Brentwood section of Los Angeles.

Mr. Klee said he can talk to spirits, mend broken bodies and wounded souls and, if necessary, perform exorcisms. The suggested donation for a two-hour session is $300.

Alternative medicine and other New Age practices and philosophies have many followers in the corporate world, particularly in Southern California. But it is unusual to find a white-shoe lawyer like Mr. Klee who so publicly embraces his connections to the metaphysical.

“I am just a vessel,” said Mr. Klee, sitting in his office on the top floor of a 39-story skyscraper with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. “I just bring through this energy.”

Mr. Klee said he heals some people by removing bad energy and infusing them with better vibrations. To do this, he uses a combination of oils, crystals, a tuning fork and other objects, such as a fish fossil. He infused his law partner, who was the principal author of the bankruptcy examiner’s report on Tribune in 2010, with “liquid living crystal.”

At a recent healing, Mr. Klee told an electrical contractor that the man’s sorrow came from his past life as a woman who had lost a baby in childbirth. Mr. Klee placed a tray of crystals on the floor to cut off the dark energy flowing up through the man’s bare feet and then hurried them out to his backyard so as to not contaminate the room.

Healing clients said Mr. Klee has helped them overcome the direst of illnesses. But medical professionals say while these kinds of alternative procedures might make people feel better temporarily, there is no proof that they provide cures.

“There is a difference between anecdotes and evidence,” said Richard Sloan, a professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. “The real issue is whether there is any evidence of therapeutic efficacy. As far as I can tell the answer to that is no.”

A principal draftsman of the U.S. bankruptcy code in the 1970s, who is described as a “dean of the bar” in a recent international ranking of restructuring lawyers, Mr. Klee said he tries to separate his healing and law practices. But sometimes his metaphysical and legal skills overlap. During Texaco Inc.’s bankruptcy case in the late-1980s, Mr. Klee said he had the ability to predict what was going to happen.

His client, Pennzoil Co., agreed to a $3 billion settlement. As a show of gratitude, his legal colleagues gave him a letter opener engraved with the words “The Oracle.”

In the corner of a conference room at his law firm, Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern LLP, sits a white crystal that is meant to help harmonize opposing sides in a negotiation.

Another large crystal on a window sill of a young lawyer assigned to the Jefferson County case protects the office from bad vibes. Mr. Klee believes they emanate from a nearby condominium building. He declined to elaborate.

“How are you feeling today, Marisela?” asked Mr. Klee, as he passed the firm’s office services manager one recent morning.

Marisela Atrian mentioned how her shoulder still hurt after a fall from her bike. Mr. Klee waved his hand above her shoulder and then flicked his fingers toward the floor as if he were shaking off water.

“I know her energy,” said Mr. Klee, who has worked on Ms. Atrian before, mostly over the phone. “I can do it remotely.”

Mr. Klee became interested in healing in 1997 when he signed up for a massage at a law-firm retreat and experienced the “radiance technique,” in which he said a therapist “activated” energy within him. Since then, he has studied various forms of alternative healing from teachers in the Philippines and St. Petersburg, Fla.

Even his wife, Doreen, used to be skeptical at times about whether his healings had any real effect.

But he overcame her doubts when, he said, she was “possessed by an earthbound spirit and I did an exorcism to get it out of her.”

After a bad car accident in late 2004, Mrs. Klee developed a rash. She agreed to lie on Mr. Klee’s table in his healing room, while he placed discs called “pulsors” on her. After a while, she went limp and had to be helped into bed. The next day, she said, the rash was gone. The spirit was gone, too, Mr. Klee said.

“There are these spirits, and they look for warm bodies,” Mr. Klee explained over dinner with his wife. “Some of them want to go to the light…This one went to the Astral plane. It was a really lowlife type of spirit.”

“It still freaks me out,” said Mrs. Klee.

Mr. Klee doesn’t attempt to hide his healing work from legal clients. In Jefferson County, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2011, a local newspaper and a blogger picked up on Mr. Klee’s healing hobby, but the writers praised Mr. Klee’s legal work as Tribune bankruptcy examiner and the county’s lead bankruptcy lawyer. Earlier this year, Mr. Klee helped strike a deal with creditors that could help the county exit bankruptcy.

“Say what you will. This guy has his finger on the pulse—or waving somewhere above the pulse—of what ails this county,” wrote Birmingham News columnist John Archibald.

Still, some clients tell Mr. Klee that rival lawyers vying for business have tried to use his healing work against him.

“I’ve never had a client turn us down,” because of the healing work, said Mr. Klee, whose firm vied unsuccessfully to represent the city of Detroit in its bankruptcy case.

When he retires from his legal practice, Mr. Klee says, he wants to help develop an apparatus that could measure the energy contained in people and objects. That device, he says, would convince skeptics that the energy he feels through his hands is real. “It would change the world,” he said.

Taimie Bryant doesn’t need to be won over. A law professor at University of California, Los Angeles, Ms. Bryant recalls losing her patience at some students for arriving late to class. Mr. Klee, who also teaches at the law school, agreed to harmonize the class and their professor.

“The next day, there was so much ease in the classroom,” said Ms. Bryant. “It was eerie.”

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Do you need to use one of those tools that helps you reach the canned peaches in the back of the tall cabinet? Beware! According to the information in the online article “Your Body’s Ten Weirdest Health Clues,” if you’re not a long-armed lucky, you may be at risk for Alzheimer’s:

“Have a hard time reaching the top of your kitchen cabinets? Women with the shortest arm spans were 1 1/2 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those with longer reaches, found a recent study. (Find yours by spreading your arms parallel to the floor and having someone measure fingertips to fingertips; the shortest spans were less than 60 inches.) Nutritional or other deficits during the critical growing years, possibly responsible for shorter arms, may also predispose a person to cognitive decline later in life, say Tufts University researchers.

Prevent it: Put your appendages to good use with a hobby such as painting or pottery. A five-year study from the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center found that adults who spent the most time engaged in engaging leisure activities were more than two and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spent less time challenging their brains.”

Eden Energy Medicine offers plenty of techniques you can do to support brain functioning as well. Stress can play havoc with our memory, for instance, because when we are “fightin’ it or flightin’ it” our brains are robbed of most of the blood and oxygen that helps us to think clearly, problem solve, take in information and remember things.

Here’s an easy exercise from Eden Energy Medicine that will help improve your memory while reducing the symptoms of stress.

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

For your memory to stay intact over the years, it is necessary for energies to flow freely through the suture lines in your skull. While these junctures tend to become less flexible with age, a simple procedure that will take about a minute each day can keep oxygen and cerebral-spinal fluids, as well as subtle energies moving through them:

1. Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand on the right side of your head, palm next to your right ear, fingers extended upward over your head.

2. Breathe deeply four times while holding this position – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Raise your body with the in-breath, relax it with the outbreath.

3. Move your right hand to the back of your head, and repeat the breathing.

4. Now place your right hand over the right side of your chest, your left hand by your left ear, and repeat the breathing.

5. Finally, place the palm of your left hand on your forehead with your fingers going up onto the top of your head and again use the same breathing.

Do this daily, perhaps when you first sit down at your desk, computer or TV, or while you are warming up the car, and you will not only be helping to retain your memory, you will be maximizing its effectiveness.

Another exercise that supports the flow of energy across the midline of your brain is the cross crawl. The cross crawl eradicates brain fog, muddle thinking, short-term memory loss, word-finding difficulties, word-reversals and even clumsiness! It’s simpler than pie to do and can give you a burst of energy and clarity during the middle of your day.

You can do it standing or sitting. If you stand, march in place for thirty seconds. If you sit, make sure it’s in a chair with a firm seat to give you adequate support. You can make sure you are doing it right by tapping the opposite knee with the other hand.

Last but not least, the Crown Pull is another way to bring blood flow to the brain (always a plus when you’re trying to think clearly!), open your mind to new ideas and inspiration and rid yourself of a headache.

Begin by placing your fingers in the center of your forehead. Now push in and pull your hands apart from each other towards the temples. Lift your hands away from your head and shake off the stagnant energy. Repeat this “push-in/pull apart” pattern all the way across the crown and down the back of your head and neck, until you can easily rest your hands on your shoulders. Let them hang there for 20-30 seconds. Now drag them across forcefully, given your shoulders a good massage as well. Let your hands drop into your neck. Breathe in deeply and exhale through the mouth.

Alzheimers is a complex issue that may be helped or prevented by these exercises. However, you don’t need to wait for extreme problems such as Alzheimers or dementia. These three exercises are just as useful for the daily struggles we all have with occasional short-term memory loss, concentration, clear thinking and learning. In addition, they can be used to improve dyslexia and menopause-related memory problems.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic, painful condition that has few effective treatment options. The majority of individuals with fibromyalgia are women, many of whom experience depression and/or anxiety in addition to the widespread pain, fatigue and stiffness common in fibromyalgia. With this knowledge, researchers have begun evaluating psychotherapeutic approaches to fibromyalgia treatment. In particular, hypnosis and guided imagery may be able to improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The prevalence of comorbid psychological symptoms in individuals with fibromyalgia has led many health care practitioners to look for guidance on the use of psychotherapeutic treatment options in fibromyalgia. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and operant behavioral therapy (OBT) are known to have benefit in fibromyalgia patients. However, these time intensive and costly therapies may prohibit their use in many people with fibromyalgia.

In addition to these more traditional psychotherapies, current research suggests that hypnosis and guided imagery may have a role in treating fibromyalgia. This interesting treatment option was discussed in a recent review of the literature investigating the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatments in fibromyalgia.

The review focused on two randomized controlled trials evaluating the use of hypnotherapy and three studies evaluating the use of guided imagery in people with fibromyalgia. These five randomized controlled trials, the gold standard experimental design in clinical research, found consistent positive results in the treated patients as compared to the control patients.

In one study, 40 patients with fibromyalgia were treated with eight hypnotherapy sessions over the course of 3 months. These hypnosis sessions focused on sensory and affective (emotion-based) approaches to fibromyalgia pain control. The results show that pain intensity was reduced, there was less fatigue on awakening, and the participants sleep patterns were improved.

A second study evaluated the effect of up to five hypnosis sessions on 53 fibromyalgia patients. This study also found that hypnotherapy improved sleep quality in the fibromyalgia patients. In addition, participants who received hypnosis had less morning stiffness.

The three studies which evaluated the effectiveness of guided imagery in treating fibromyalgia found that pain was reduced in intensity and anxiety was lessened. In particular, one study compared guided imagery that used pleasant imagery with guided imagery focused upon the “active workings of the internal pain control systems”. The pleasant guided imagery was significantly more effective in reducing fibromyalgia pain.

Individuals with fibromyalgia have precious few effective treatment options. Fortunately, research is beginning to discover the effectiveness of certain psychotherapeutic treatment options. Hypnosis and guided imagery may be one effective option to improve the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms of fibromyalgia.