Kooky Stuff from 36,000 Feet


The-moon's-gravitational-force-Artwork by T. Boehle “The moon’s gravitational force”

I am in a plane headed out to a place far enough away that the fastest means of transportation is the air. I going somewhere else to re-boot, relax, and literally get a new perspective. There was a time when doing such involved wee morning hours of cooking a fabulous picnic and loading up in a horse-powered buggy destined for the countryside.

It wasn’t easy getting here. The morning had an interesting start. The seemingly near Chinook winds kept me up most of the night, whipping in through the cat door. The flap of it flapping and papers blowing about our bedroom all night. It was spooky. In and out of sleep, the sounds reconciled in that half-wit state as haunted. In the morning I woke tired, fully awakened by an eight foot by four foot painting crashing off the wall, smashing its frame to smithereens. The bus to the airport made unexpected stops and at the airport my boarding pass wouldn’t scan so, despite my TSA-Pre standing, it was back to check-in again for a new pass. We raced through the airport and salvaged the plan of eating breakfast at Root Down by getting carry out for the plane, and arrived just in time to board when someone over the load speaker said our flight was delayed and hour and a half!

Hmm. My resources are low. I think of my kids, get out my phone and text them: “Flight delayed. Be safe. I love you.” I am tired and, honestly, the fitful night’s sleep provided the perfect backdrop for thinking about scary stuff despite the fact that there wasn’t really anything more scary then Colorado winds. But what about the painting? That is weird and, furthermore, that painting signified to me a deep understanding of myself, the universe, and me in the universe. And, really? The boarding pass doesn’t scan and then the plane has mechanical problems?

But I have done this before, gotten myself worked up about the secret meaning of things. There is a big difference between intuition and anxiety. Yes, it does seem my ability to get where I am going is slowed, and whenever the expected becomes the unexpected the cognitive brain sets about to solve the mystery, and usually from the worst-case scenario. All, of course, in an effort at self-preservation. And, ironically, the impetus for that can, and after years of practice, does bring my attention to the goodness in my life. The wind, stirring things up, relentless to not let lying dogs sleep. I love that fury and determination. The painting jumping off the wall and crashing straight to the floor like a declaration, “Remember there are no happy chances, only the infinite opportunity to create them.” The resistance met at getting to the gate, the delayed plane all reminders of three things:

  1. There is no control. Control is an illusion.
  2. Influence is the powerful force behind the smoke and mirrors of control.
  3. Things aren’t always what they seem to be.

I will be on terra firma soon enough, and I trust I will have a deeply satisfying experience, because once I get out of my own fearful way I can see that I can always be heading in the direction of where I want to be. Where I am isn’t where I am headed; it is only from which I am starting.

The March 12th Full Moon in Virgo is pulling a lot of big pieces together and bringing them down to Earth. It is a good vibration for healing some stuff way out there in your past. Think about it this way, you can think about yourself or you can think about your self as a part the whole. This can be very enlightening. Mind getting spooked, trust that it is not always and might be nearly never about you alone. Find the value where you can, re-evaluate your route, and keep on keeping on.

In the midst of what you see as problematic, it can be difficult to recognize the opportunities. I can help you discover a new way of thinking that will assist you in managing and negotiating life’s obstacles. You will find that this new way of thinking provides you opportunities that you hadn’t previously noticed as well as affords you the confidence and desire to live your life in the driver’s seat.

Tami Satterfield, MSW, LCSW-C, NBCCH, HTP is a licensed psychotherapist who practices solution-oriented healing from a deep ecological perspective. Her specialities include hypnosis for anxiety, performance, and creativity. Sessions on-line or in Boulder, Colorado include cutting edge brain therapies that will change the way you think. Learn more at attentiontoliving.com

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