Huckleberry passing into that heart of green.


He came to me in a green dream,
Lush tall grasses and fresh forage.
His hurt brown face
Right up to mine —
A curious child, cautioned.

The walls of the dream fell away
Taking the dark stained cedar barn
Where my son and I helped his mother.
Sweet and eternally scented,
Timothy and alfalfa.

I reached in,
Like picking a surprise
Elbow deep inside.
Backwards he came.
I pulled him out slippery and warm.

Face to face,
Like the time I cradled him,
A soft dreamy lullaby,
Rocked him to sleep in my daughter’s room
Soothing his baby belly.

It is all a happy dream.
Us striding along the path well traveled,
Side by side.
His hard-headed way,
The unexpected ram.

February 24, 2017

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