Do you believe in transcendence?


By October 16th the Full Moon will have risen in Aries tightly conjunct Uranus. There is good potential to unexpectedly set fire to the past. When this kind of energy erupts, you have a choice. You can see things one way or you might consider another.  Mind letting this kind of energy hijack your good sense about who you really are and who you really want to be.

Do you want to burn down the house and everything with it? Or would you like to burn through your own resistance and rise like a phoenix from the ashes?  What do you want to do when you see someone else fired up?  What happens when you witness the melt down of another?

Where is your anger these days? Anger is the most misunderstood of the emotions. It is the emotional experience that has been grossly distorted.  It’s healthy vibration has been shamed into submission, rendering the free will impaired and obliged to sometimes do something other than what we may think is “right.” If you were free to do what you really wanted to do, what would you do? Could you allow the vibration of anger (the truth to defend the reason to exist) to transform your reality from one of burden to one of possibility?  It only takes a little, it is a mighty powerful vibration. Just a dab will do you.

For clarification, I am not referring to the constructed cultural definition of anger. The one you were likely raised on. The one that you were taught is “bad.” That one that is a distortion of the truth of anger and is constructed out of a surplus of unexpressed anger. When anger goes unexpressed, it can not be utilized and instead is stored. A store of anger will eventually become burdensome and like all burdens, it will find a release.  It will seep out sideways and present as passive aggression or it will blow your top off in an explosion of rage.  But when expressed as it is incited and not stored,  the vibration of anger is dynamic, directive, and protective.

Can you believe in transcendence?  Can you think it may be possible to shift your reality through intentional living?  Can you consider that to be fully alive requires a smidgen of the afore mentioned fiery vibration, the one that declares, “It is perfectly fine for me to live a wholesome life.”

This week, consider rebelling against your past beliefs. Think about what other options you might have. Feel what it is like to think about living with intention. Be as alive as you (already) are. Feel the desire to be more of what you already are. Open up to the natural laws and spiritual beliefs that declare you valuable as an intricate part of something greater than yourself. See if you can think that if you are a part of a whole, you are whole in the part you play.  What does that feel like?  A little fire in the belly?

In the midst of what you see as problematic, it can be difficult to recognize the opportunities. I can help you discover a new way of thinking that will assist you in managing and negotiating life’s obstacles. You will find that this new way of thinking provides you opportunities that you hadn’t previously noticed as well as affords you the confidence and desire to live your life in the driver’s seat.

Tami Satterfield, MSW, LCSW-C, NBCCH, HTP is a licensed psychotherapist who practices solution-oriented healing from a deep ecological perspective. Her specialities include hypnosis for anxiety, performance, and creativity. Sessions on-line or in Boulder, Colorado include cutting edge brain therapies that will change the way you think. Learn more at

  1. bethanyk said:

    Is this more so if one is Aries like I am?i love your posts

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