The Amygdala, Fear and Energy Psychology – Contemplations on a Neuroscientist’s Blog



(by Robert Schwarz, PhD, DCEP)

In a recent blog titled “The Amygdala Is NOT the Brain’s Fear Center”, neuroscientist Joseph Ledoux laments that the amygdala has “gone from an obscure area of the brain to practically a household word, one that has come to be synonymous with ‘fear’.” He goes on to say, “It is not a scientific finding but instead a conclusion based on an interpretation of a finding. “

In my opinion, what Ledoux goes on to describe fits very well with the experience of treating people with energy psychology. More on this in a moment.

Ledoux says that the conscious feeling of fear is not the same thing as the non-conscious detection of threats and control of the body’s reactions to that threat. The amygdala is responsible for the latter, but it does not by itself produce the emotion of fear. Ledoux describes a much more complex process…

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