Sometimes you are the Louisville Slugger, and sometimes you are the ball

There is a lot to be said for changing your perspective. Right now, Jupiter is supporting your ability to change your perspective while the Sun and Moon, in Aries, are conjunct Uranus. That is a lot of fire to get fired up about, but if it is too hot in the kitchen, you might decide to take a seat and watch from the counter. Even though we have a full moon coming in Aries tonight, that doesn’t mean that your have to set the world on fire in order to take charge of your own life.  Flexibility will serve you well in the coming month.

Sometimes it is all about you. Sometimes you are Ted Williams.  The Kid had a fast swing, a hot head, and the confidence it takes to make a legend. But sometimes it is all about collaboration. Sometimes you are the fan in the stands cheering on victory.  Learning from the likes of Ted Williams, borrowing his confidence and determination to live your own life fearlessly. Sometimes you are the person observing what would otherwise go unnoticed without recognition. Sometimes it takes a whole team of players to support the success of one all star. Sometimes someone has to learn from someone else.  And rest assured, Ted Williams went home and discovered that even he, was sometimes the student and sometimes the teacher.

Humility can compliment confidence nicely.  Be flexible. Bend at the knees and turn at the hips. You have a greater opportunity for better perspective with more flexibility.  And with better perspective you can see where you have been and where you want to go.

Now go ahead and play ball!

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