Abuse as a parasite?


How do you write about something that people are afraid to see? How to you expose an undermining, but insidious practice? How do you change peoples’ minds? How does a civilization heal from the wounds of abuse?

Medical and psychiatric studies reveal that 45% of caregivers to the elderly openly admitted to committing some form of abuse and fewer patients of the same caregivers admitted to being abused. In the studies, the prevalence of elderly abuse was associated most significantly and reciprocally with alcohol consumption, poor interpersonal relationships, and a previous history of experienced abuse. Sadly, these findings may support considerations for an unconscious attraction between abuser and abused for the continuation of the well-practiced patterns of abuse. This may suggest that abuse is infectious, and without a remedy of healing, will prevail as surely as a deadly parasite.

Tami Boehle-Satterfield, MSW, LCSW-C, NBBCH, HTP, a licensed psychotherapist at attentiontoliving.com has challenged herself in 2016 to post weekly about the unpopular topic of abuse. Learn more about Tami at attentiontoliving.com

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