Finding a good taco stand.


I am resting in the chaos at 20.6275° N, 87.0811° W. With each passing moment I am shifting out of chronos time and into kairos time. My physiology, at a cellular level, is mirroring my increasingly relaxed mind, and I am less and less concerned with the chronological or sequential nature of time. I am noticing with greater frequency, and more deeply, the exact moment of opportunity. When my belly stirs with hunger. When my desire is employed to move alongside or into the turquoise sea. It can be so easy in a setting like this. But still, if I haven’t followed the circuitous nature of kairos time in my day to day busy life, I will likely not find it on the Mayan Rivera. We have a new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces tonight, opposed by Jupiter in Virgo with Saturn in Sagittarius completing a t-square to the whole shabang. This is a good time to practice a shift and stay in the flow of it until the next full moon.

I know someone who recently did a vision board. She carefully cut out pictures and glued them down as a map of where she would like her life to take her. Now is her chance to really ground what can seem like a willy-nilly-silly plan. If she works with this incoming energy, she can commit with Saturn and ride the abundant wave of Jupiter all the way out – determined with Virgo to make good sense of her vision. She can work with a brain balanced in sense and dream to create a rich life. Otherwise, even the warm, soft, dreamy waves of the Carribean will eventually knock her off her feet.

Go ahead and shift this week. Find that intuitive nature of kairos time (no matter where you are), take what you learn, and feed yourself. It is so much easier to find a good taco stand after a long walk on the beach.

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