If you are not juggling, you might be chasing your tail.

Photo credit: Howard Berman
Can you juggle? How many balls are you keeping in the air? For how many are you having to really stretch yourself? How many are you chasing?

Lately, life may be feeling like a performance. The spotlight is in your eyes, you can’t see a thing. Can’t make things out. Can’t figure it out. But the show goes on, and so you keep dancing while blinded by the light. Sound familiar? This mutable energy can wear you out. Exactly how flexible are you suppose to be? It can cause you to be a bit hyper-vigilant about “what’s next?” Things might be turning in circles.

There has been more than a bit of convolution and anxiety out there. The universal weather is providing unlimitedness, at the same time as dissolving the border between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If it sounds a bit out there, it is because it is! And after a more than a few days of it, things might feel pretty confused.

Now is a good time to notice that you may have beliefs that mirror this story. Beliefs about yourself and how you should live your life that turn in and around themselves. This kind of circular thinking looks like one thing, when it is really another. Consider that you might believe something that is not true. Things might not be what they seem to be.

Right now, it may be best to let it be. Take sometime off from the performance and spend tomorrow with yourself. It might be okay to just be with yourself. Forget about figuring it out. Do nothing about it all- for a minute or more. Set the balls down.  Forget about your tail and take a walk. Fresh air may provide you the perspective you are looking for.

Tami Boehle-Satterfield is licensed psychotherapist who practices hypnosis, EMDR, EFT, Comprehensive Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, somatic healing, and applied psych-neurobiology. You can schedule with her in person or on-line at attentiontoliving.com.

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