Can The Panthers And The Broncos Both Win The Super Bowl?

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The New moon comes in tomorrow and it is a doozy! You may already be feeling some irritation, some sense that things aren’t quite right. It is likely that somewhere within your system you are struggling to make polar opposites the same truth. This will be impossible, if you see them as opposites.

For example: My friend wants to wish her beloved turtle, “Happy Birthday,” but of said turtle, she says, “He’s dead.” In essence, her struggle is due to trying to make two opposite things the same truth: life and death. In order to do this, she will need not to see them as opposite. She will want to pull as far back as she can and get good perspective. With enough time and space she might see that she is still very connected to her celestial turtle, and in fact, she may realize that she can wish him “Happy Birthday” with some sense of connection to him while he is otherworldly. Or my other friend says that his girlfriend is “a really nice girl.” He struggles with this because he thinks: She is a really nice girl and she cheats on me. See the dilemma? She might be a really nice girl or she might not, but trying to make sense of her being a really nice girl and cheating is quite a conundrum.

With this new moon, issues of love or money may make you feel very uncomfortable. You might prefer not to feel what you are feeling. But this moon is likely to shine one of those gigantic Hollywood spotlights on your distortion. You won’t be able to hide from this. You will likely feel torn between “something” and “something else”.

Solution: See the big picture and then DEAL WITH IT. I know, it is a bit harsh of me to put that in all caps, but if it is not me shoving it in your face, it will be the universe. So deal with it. See the big picture, make the adjustment in your thinking to see it through the lens of the big picture, and then decide what you want to do about it. Suffering is an option. Don’t pick it.

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