How does a civilization heal from the wounds of abuse?



How do you write about something that people are afraid to see? How to you expose an undermining, but insidious practice? How do you change peoples’ minds? How does a civilization heal from the wounds of abuse?

“As evidenced in growing news reports and statistics gathered on college campuses, sexual violence among young adults is increasing. A 2014 report from The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault asserts that one in five college students experience sexual assault during their college career. While it seems that many survivors of college attacks are speaking out, ACLU numbers indicate that an estimated 95% of on-campus rapes go unreported. Attacks on campus not only impact the attacked, but reach their communities, their friends and their family members directly.  Social pressures, shame, fear of discipline, and ambiguity about what happened may keep the attacked from seeking assistance to heal, thus prolonging the experience, inflaming the symptoms, and potentially compromising healing.” sourced from Trust Yourself Hypnosis 

This is happening in your community.  What do you know about it?  What do you want to know about it?

Tami Boehle-Satterfield has challenged herself in 2016 to post week about the unpopular topic of abuse. Learn more about Tami at

  1. Elaine Schilling said:

    Hi Wonderful Neighbor, I am enjoying your creative art and amazing writings. Did not know you had moved. We are still on the old place. Wonder for how long? Loved Ringo. Grew up with goats because my brothers were allergic to cows’ milk. Stay well my friend. E.

    • I am sorry that I missed seeing this! Yes, we are in Boulder now. So glad you enjoyed “Ringo.” I did love him and so many others. What cool creatures. Please let me know if you do move. I would be sorry to lose track of you!

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