Mother Teresa may be an elementary clue to happiness


Sometimes life is wacky and things start out one way and end up another.  This week might be a bit like hanging out with Mother Teresa all week and catching up with Sherlock Holmes on the weekend.  There might be method in this madness.

The planetary interplay this week gives you good opportunity to re-charge before you get your magnifying glass out and solve an unsolved mystery.  So take the time this week to smell the roses.  Let the Mother Teresa vibration illuminate the important things in life.

So what is important in life?  In the ever turning hamster wheel, you might get pretty dizzy and lose perspective.  You might not even notice how hypnotized you have become by that wheel.  This week slow things down.  Realize that, most likely, whatever you are doing will still be there tomorrow.  Use this universal weather the same way you might use a sunny day and skip out of work.  Never done that?  Well, this is your week.

By week’s end, you might be very serious about figuring something out.  Something that has eluded you for sometime.  It might be simple like, “Where in God’s creation did I lose my mind?” or more complicated like, “The last time I saw my keys….”

Remember, we are all in this together.  This week that could be very satisfying.  It is good weather for collaboration.

Would you like to spend more time smelling the roses and collaborating?  Would you like to step out of the rat race way of thinking that there is no enough cheese to go around?  Schedule a hypnosis session that included a full energy treatment at

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