Are you hypnotizing yourself and you don’t even know it?

anne_hathaway_hypnotized_2_by_titas_andronicus-d6bur0rartwork by titas-andronicus
You know how important your use of language is when you are communicating with an other. The misuse of a word, the pace of your speech, or an awkward pause can entirely change the meaning of the message you intended to send.

Well, it is not much difference when you are talking to yourself. As we approach 2016, you might be considering your resolutions for the New Year: the things you want to accomplish and the things you would like to abandon. Pay attention. You may have already hypnotized yourself into believing that what you would like to resolve into the future is already not possible.

For example, you might find yourself saying things like, “I am just always so tired.” Or maybe you say, ” This never works. I don’t even know why I try.”  Do you say some version of, ” I used to be able to, but I can’t anymore.”

These tapes might be running over and over again, day in and day out, in your head.  You may have hypnotized yourself into believing what you want isn’t possible.  And if that is so, it will be pretty hard to take on a new exercise routine if your system is programmed for, “always tired.” It won’t be easy to figure out the “ins and outs” of the latest technology, if your system is programmed for, “this never works out.” It will be in further complicated, if you are programmed to operate under the confusion of “I don’t know why I try.” And if you would like to stop over indulging, but your system is wired for “I can’t,” – well,  it is a good bet that you won’t.

Language transforms your abstract ideas into organized and concrete thoughts. These thoughts inform your emotions and your emotions inform your actions. If what you think informs a healthy feeling, you will be more likely to act in ways that are in your best interest, and vise versa. That is a scientific fact!

Don’t wait until 2016 to set your intentions for the New Year, go ahead and do it now. Get good and clear about what you really want.  Spend time and listen to your wheel turn. Hear what you are saying to yourself. If you discover you don’t like what you hear- go ahead and change it!  Be mindfully ready New Year’s Eve with your intention and the resolve to think in a way that supports what you want. Forget about what you don’t want.  Go ahead.  Just forget about it and go ahead and think about what you want and how you will get it.

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