Let the Grinch steal the spirit, there is plenty to go around.

the-grinch-18Clip Credit: How the grinch stole Christmas

It is a big week. The universe is all for it, abundant with opportunity albeit a few (well, maybe a few more than a few) obstacles before you lasso that full moon in Cancer on the 25th. I have a lot to say about this. A week this charged can really make you lose your religion. You may say or do something you profoundly regret, and you know about bells rung that can’t be un-rung. But there are always two sides, and the yang to this yin might be that with the release or the receipt of this sharp-tongued truth there is resolution and healing that allows for progress.

Here is the scoop on that universal weather. Mercury (communication) is conjunct Pluto and square to Uranus and Mars. With Mercury conjunct Pluto, there is a pretty darned good chance that you are going to gain valuable information under this aspect. It will likely be laser-focused and you’ll see right to the bottom of any hidden meaning in it. Under this influence, you might not be much interested in small talk. You know what this is like. It is a showdown. No matter how you try to take back what you said, or how crafty someone close to you might be in an effort to retract what was said, it is a done deal. Minds are investigating the truth of things under this persuasion. While Uranus would usually provide you insight and innovation, the square from Mercury may confuse and agitate you, causing you to be misunderstood. And Mars, the shinning star atop the tree – a force to be reckoned with – will provide you the speed of light in lively (perhaps aggressive) debate (argument, really). You might speak before you think. All this before the full moon on December 25!
And she is not holding her tongue either. She fully supports your high opinions. The Moon, opposite the Sun in Capricorn, is more about a confrontation or crossroads before it is about culmination. In other words, you may have to say and/or hear something you were denying before you can get what you want.

The good news (and there is always good news) is that the moon is also trine Neptune. This is your resting spot. This is the best seat in the house. It is the seat in a wonderful golden glow of a warm fire. It is the seat at the holiday dinner table where you witness all the defensive maneuvers. You hear the sharp clash of swords, the quick foot work of fencing, the occasional gasp or moan. You see the clever use of dagger, the pained look of injury, the skillful dodge and advance of a pro. But you? You are in the resting spot, that seat in the middle of the room where all the chaos moves about you and you are generously compassionate with unconditional love for first, yourself, and then naturally, easily, for others. And when the battle is over, you are well rested and ready not to rally the troops, but to simply bring them home.

How to do this: Breathe. In for 4, hold for 2, and exhale for 6. Do it now. No, I mean it. Practice it right now. Seriously, take a moment and use your breath to slow down the fast pace of the season and the lightening-like energy the universe is offering you. Let your breath also remind you that you are literally a part of a greater whole. Simply using your breath reminds you that the planets literally needs you to process oxygen into carbon dioxide. Let your breath give you more time and space so that you can shift into a mindful place and utilize all your resources, not just your defenses.

What to do: THINK: I am a part of something bigger and therefore every scene is not my scene. FEEL: Confidence in the belief that you are a part of something, and satisfaction that it is not always about you. ACT: Like you believe you have every indication to expect that things work out in the end. Remember, you might always only be battling with yourself.

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