The good and bad of you might be the best of you.


The Sun in Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter – is providing us a lot of light. It can make you believe in yourself if you let it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if your propensity has been towards self-deprecation, it can be a bit of a shocker. The idea of believing in yourself might seem a little foolhearted or even boorish. It can even stir up a white-out of confusion that rivals the best snow blizzard. It can be hard to consider exactly what to do, if you considered yourself capable of doing anything!

This is a good problem with a simple solution. Spoiler Alert: I did say simple, but not necessarily easy. But don’t let hard work scare you; remember: you are going to believe in yourself. So how to do this? How do you get comfortable with standing in all that light that is out there right now? How do you feel just fine being seen for who you are? The way to believe in yourself is to see the truth of yourself. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. See yourself completely. See your liabilities and your assets. Notice how they do work together, albeit not necessarily for your best interest. See them in the spirit of St. Nicholas, with generosity and forgiveness. Let it be okay that you are who you are (generosity), so that it may be so much easier to feel free (forgiveness) to be who you want to be.

Go ahead and stand in the blinding light of the Sun (love) and Jupiter (forgiveness) that is abundant right now. You won’t be able to see a thing, so you will just have to trust, and I mean REALLY trust, that there REALLY is purpose in your existence.

Would you like to let go of thinking and feeling poorly about yourself? Would you like to believe that your life has meaning? Schedule with Tami and learn how to begin creating the life you want to live.

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