Give thanks to the many turkeys.

turkeys  hh
We were driving and saw a sign that read gratitude is the best attitude. Hubby asked, “What do you think?” “Yay,” I nodded my head. “Gratitude is a pretty powerful place to live.”

Gratitude is more then it seems. It is more than the social niceties of good manners.  There is a bit of a trick to it and if you want to learn a good trick you will want to begin at the beginning.  And in the beginning, before there was gratitude, there was forgiveness.  Yes, forgiveness.  It is out of mud of forgiveness that gratitude sprang.  Gratitude is born out of forgiveness.  

And not just any forgiveness, gratitude begins with self-forgiveness. Anyone who has attempted self-forgiveness knows, self-forgiveness is complicated, but boiled down it is simply the acceptance of who you really are. It is forgiveness for yourself for being as other’s have expected you to be. It is forgiveness for yourself for being who you think you are suppose to be. Self-forgiveness offers you the fortitude to be grateful for yourself and all the other hard working humans who strive and sometimes falter at their own authenticity.

It is a curious human complexity to resist being one’s self. This holiday season, let yourself be. Just let yourself be. Set down your resistance to being yourself and let yourself be. See who shows up. It just might be exactly who you have been waiting to meet. You might just feel mighty grateful for the chance to be who you really are.

Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Be clear and set your intention now for the day you would like to experience. Be mindful of what you ask for. In other words, the intention, “Let everyone just leave me alone this year,” may leave you feeling left out and disconnected. Consider, “Let me recognize sensations of happiness and welcome them as experiences this Thanksgiving Day.”

2. From today forward, allow yourself to notice the small things that give you pleasure: the way the sun feels on your face; the smell of the autumn air; the taste of water when you are thirsty. Fully experience in seconds the pleasure these simple things bring to you. When this happens, allow yourself to recognize it with a thought of thanks. If it helps, place your hand over your heart or close your eyes while offering thanks.

3. Begin noticing today that there are many things that you have no control over. If truth be told, you might notice the idea of control is an illusion. Open your mind and heart to the idea of multiple possibilities. You may notice greater benefit from curiosity than control. You may learn more about your greater purpose and the way you might want to influence the world.

Would you like to learn how to live more intentionally daily? Would you like to live with more satisfaction and joy in your life? Would you like to know better your purpose? Schedule today. Call Tami at 410-382-0518

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