Relaxation And Energy Work Just In Time For Thanksgiving!


Hello Everyone,

Join me in a relaxation group and a group distance energy healing on Tuesday the 24th of November. These budget friendly options for relaxation and healing come at the perfect time, just before Thanksgiving!  As those of you who have joined me previously for the relaxation group know,  all that is required of you is to show up. This means register today , log in to your computer on Tuesday, check your email, follow the link from me and join the session in the comfort of your home. You can participate while sitting in a chair or laying on the floor or your bed- or anywhere you like.

As those of you who have joined me for a distance group energy session know, there is no requirement on your part. You are free to do whatever you might be doing while the session is taking place. If you would like to bring more consciousness to the session, it is as easy as simply noting that the session is beginning and then bringing your attention to your own physiology. In other words, as you feel the energy – go ahead and feel it! It feels good. Remember, you need to do nothing for the session and it is perfectly fine to be in bed and asleep or busy baking pies!

You can follow the below link to learn more and get on board for either, or both sessions on Tuesday the 24th.

Relax at 7:00 MST and go even deeper at 8:00 MST. The cost of each session is $15 and you can use your credit card.

See you Tuesday night!

Your faithful guide,


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