Snap out of it!

Shift. This week is all about flexibility. We have a new moon coming in while we are still processing the workings of the last 90 days. Seriously, begin again? That is what part of me wants to say. I’ve done a lot of good work and it has been hard work. You know the picture I am painting. The one by Jean Francois Millet where the peasants women are bent over gleaning a field of stray grains of wheat after the harvest. It is beautiful, but when you look at it you are struck by the thought, “It is a hard life.” Really, a field of stray grains? That is some back breaking work. Yeah, we all know a little bit about that.

Notice how that can create a tendency for a bit of a pity party. It might even sneak up on you. You might not even notice that you are feeling a bit injured. The world might seem ruthless. You might want to lament your perceived fate. Bemoan the whole lot of it. It is not fair!

Well, SNAP OUT OF IT. That is right, snap out of it. I might sound hard-hearted, but in fact, I am offering up compassion. That pity party goes no where. I know, I’ve been there. Breathe. Give yourself some space and some time. Then notice your feet. Place them both firmly on the floor. Terra firma, just like in the painting. Get good perspective. Remember, you are always surprised how much faster it goes, collecting those stray grains in the field when you aren’t burdened with self pity.

Do you want to talk about how to live your life with influence and creativity on a daily basis? Looking for more energy and peace of mind through the holidays. Schedule with me today.

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