Aah, yes! That feels good.

Open Window by TheFantaSim http://thefantasim.deviantart.com/art/Open-Window-166672310

Aah, that is how it felt yesterday morning. I thought, “Oh good, it is the full moon coming in.” Finally a bit of fruition for all that labor. We have a Supermoon today.  This is the third one in a row and you might remember that the last one included a lunar eclipse. It has been 3 powerful cycles. Consider that whatever you have been working on since August might be coming to harvest. The pieces are falling into place today.

And while it does feel like a bit of a relief, it can be a bit sticky or prickly- those last pieces finding their place today.  Tomorrow, rest. Feel some sense of satisfaction in your harvest.

I say this, because by Thursday it will already be a new beginning and what came to be, will be passing into what will come to be again. Mind that desire to check things off your list or count your chickens. I once sought counsel and was told, “It can be hard in the beginning.” I thought the person misunderstood me and my accomplishments in the world. “I am not at the beginning,” I tried to explain. “Yes,” I was told, “It can be like that in the beginning. It can feel like it is not the beginning.” I left feeling confused and possibly misunderstood. In time I realized that it is, in fact, ALWAYS the beginning.

Aah, like opening a window to a new day.

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