Things Aren’t Always What They Seem To Be


It is a little prickly out there. Honestly, the edges are a bit sharp. Sometimes razor sharp.  We have been dealing with these keen boundaries for a bit, sometimes honed and sometimes jagged. Either way, it is wearing on us all.

Forewarned may allow you to disarm and in this climate, that is a good idea.

I was talking with someone this morning and we were hashing through some of her concerns. She had to go abruptly and then texted me back saying, “Call me later and we can fight so more.” I had to laugh. We are friends. We weren’t fighting really, but there was an edge to our conversation.

I am thinking of ways to see around the corner of all these hard aspects without being a Pollyanna. Hey, I am tired of it too! What I do know is this: I will learn far more about myself through the things I resistant, then through the things I embrace. What am I trying to cut through anyway? Obtuse just might be the word of the week.  So with that in mind, keep in mind that things aren’t always what they seem to be.  Give yourself a little bit more space and time to respond this week.  Let it unfold a little bit.  Maybe it will work itself out and you won’t have to work so hard.  Let yourself be a little dull.  This week, you might just benefit from not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

Want to talk about this and learn how to think in a way that supports creating the reality you want for yourself?  Contact Tami Boehle-Satterfield at

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