Wanted: Heroes. Apply within.


That Aries energy came in with that gorgeous Supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday night. I am a deep ecology therapist. I am not an astrologer. I like to look at the world from many different perspectives so that I can see common themes and more easily find opportunities in what seems like obstacles. I like the big picture and the picture of the universe is pretty big. And that picture of the bigger universe is like everything in nature, it mirrors something within in itself and that mirrors something else within itself and pretty soon we are at Horton Hears A Who!

Big picture, zoom out. Little picture, zoom in. Physics tells us that those pictures are composed of vibrations. Zoom out- big vibrations, like planetary activity. Zoom in- the seemingly subtle shifts of your cells.

This week we might be looking for heroes or you might feel like you are called to put out fires. Either way, think about moving forward with greater trust in yourself. Consider that you might be paying attention to everything: the cosmos, the cellular and all the subtleties in between. Then take it one step further and imagine that there is even more to it then that. How wonderful is that? “That” is a lot of information for saving the day! Heroes might just be those attending to the scope of things and then willing to trust their own ability to act in unison with the scope of things.

Want to be a hero? Mind the confusion and fear, like in that dream where you are frozen and can’t move. Instead, when confusion and fear come up, go deep and go broad and then come back to center.

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