How To Have Fun At The Circus

Artwork by Emily Winfield Martin

This week is a busy one! It might be like a three ring circus. The good thing about a three ring circus is that there is always something going on and that increases your chances of seeing something you like.

Tomorrow the Sun travels into Libra whose ruler Venus, is in Leo- this all trines Uranus in Aries! That is a lot of sun lovingly balanced and fired up for a big surprise that might just be liberating.

Consider the ring with all the clowns coming out of the little car. It is funny, but it is kind of scary too. So much of one thing can be a little deceptive. How do all those clowns fit in that little car anyway? Hmm, there might be something fishy going on.

As the week moves on, this theme may grow into the shadow aspects. Think of the magician sawing the beautiful woman in half. It is disturbing and yet you peak.  Things aren’t always what they seem to be and without all the information it can be hard to decide what is right. Would telling the truth spoil the secret? Would you say it is fair to call the bearded lady a freak, if she simply suffers from a hormonal imbalance? Is it false advertisement? Who is manipulating who?

And to top it all of, in the center ring and for the grand finale, at nearly the strike of midnight we have Mars, Saturn, Neptune AND full Supermoon lunar eclipse in Aries. This week spills into next week with a spot light on what might be the harsh realities of the past.

There is a theme here this week and it provides you a good opportunity to get a lot swept out from under the rug. Let yourself take a bit of shelter in the audience. Watch how the tricks are done. Mind being too eager to get up in front of the crowd. And definitely don’t turn your back on the lions. See if you can do all that and still have fun at the circus!

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