Spinach In Your Teeth: September 8, 2015

Back to work! This is a short week, but it might feel mighty long. You may notice a bump up in judgment out there. People pointing their fingers, doing their best waggle to get control. Do your best to see the opportunity in the self-absorbed judge.

1. Check your look in the mirror. How much might you look just like them, without even a moment’s realization? They might be reflecting back to you some helpful information. No one wants to walk around with a piece of spinach in their teeth.

2. See it for what it is. I was waiting in a long line for fuel at the airport this morning. I know, right? The airport gas station the day after a long holiday! Well, I needed diesel fuel and only 4 of the 20 pumps were diesel. To make matters worse, they were all full and many were one to two cars deep waiting. It was a mess. I was waiting at the outside pump and the person before me had some how managed to enter the pump facing the opposite direction of the natural flow. I imagine his tank was on the left side of the car instead of the right. This caused me a great deal of distress, because I felt I needed to leave a bigger gap between our cars for his exit. This caused me to stick out into the flow of traffic in a way that occasionally provided me with disgusted looks, as folks had to make their way around my car. Even one of these looks was too many! I wanted to get out of my car and explain. And then I wanted to shout from my car window the likes of, “Yea, well why don’t you mind your own business!” Eventually another pump opened and by a great grace, the lines had dwindled enough to make it easy to move on over. So, I was in the way. I didn’t mean to be. I knew I was, but it seemed the only solution to my problem of needing diesel fuel. The good news is it prompted a vigil eye for another opportunity and allowed me to get out of the hot seat without inciting a scene.

Mind the judgment of yourself and others as it often only leads to drama – in your head and on the street. Utilize the false ideas around judgment and control for your own well-being. Past the opportunities judgment and control may inadvertently provide, let them go. Nothing worthwhile will come from them. It rarely does.

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