Change Your Thinking And Create Your Own Reality – Virtual Workshop

“Create your own reality.”
What does that really mean? Is it really possible to create your own reality? What if I told you it was natural, that you already have the ability to do it? Would you like to understand how it’s done? Would you like to learn how to do it?

My name is Tami Satterfield and I am a licensed psychotherapist. I like to look at the world from many different perspectives. It gives me more options and makes it easier to make sense of things so I can align my actions with my purpose and get what I want. If this sounds good to you, you are ready to create your own reality and begin working the laws of attraction to manifest abundance in your life.

In this workshop you will utilize one of the most powerful cycles in nature, the cycle of the moon, as the vehicle to:
• Change your thinking;
• Explore what you really want out of life and what is standing in your way;
• Learn the purpose of intention and how to utilize it;
• Understand the energetic vibrations that exist in the world and how to utilize them for manifestation;
• Discover why control is an illusion and influence is the supreme power of the universe;
• Utilize readily available information to gain greater perspective;
• Practice trust in your intuition.

Why the moon cycle?
Are you at the beginning of the process of changing your thinking? Or, would you like to deepen your practice? Working in conjunction with a natural cycle, such as the cycle of the new moon, is an easy way to either begin to practice or deepen your practice of changing the way you think. Think of it as a natural “classroom.” It is a library of information that is always available and open to your study. The cycle offers an intense focus for a short duration of time. This intense focus can increase the outcome; in other words, you move farther faster. Additionally, there is benefit from working in a group. It can also accelerate your progress, as you can benefit from the work of others.

You can expect:
Confidentialityyour experience and participation can be as private or as collaborative as you would like;
Education, tools, and instruction for practices to change your thinking and begin creating your own reality – direct to your email;
Personalized feedback from me, as well as access to other participant’s workshop experience to deepen your understanding;
One distance group energy session at the close of the workshop for deep relaxation and assimilation of the workshop experience.

This workshop is NOT about astrology, but utilizes the natural astrological occurrences as a learning tool to practice new ways of thinking and new practical skills. Brain research shows that it can be easier to create neuro-pathways when practice occurs outside of established patterns of thought. Think of the moon cycle as akin to an exotic land; it is a great place to go and discover a new side of yourself.

Workshop runs from September 8 -29. Participate live or at your convenience. Cost is $45.
Register on-line at
Questions? Contact Tami at To learn more, visit

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