Universal Weather: 8/25/15 “Houston, We Have A Problem”

Saturn has ruled the August sky and that is a bit unusual. Maybe when there is such drama as the Perseid meteor shower, it is reasonable to expect a serious planet, like Saturn, to step into the spot light. It might be a bit like the over-serious parent who hovers over the activities of a child’s birthday party with the sentiment of, “that is enough, somebody is going to put an eye out!”

Seriously, serious qualities have there place and sometimes a good proctor is exactly what life needs. Like when it comes time to pay the bills, change the batteries in the fire detectors, or manage the consumption of medicine. But sometimes seriousness can take itself too seriously, for too long. This month you may have been running into that, either thinking to seriously yourself or running into someone else who is. There may have been times this month where you wanted to say (or someone said to you), “Seriously, lighten up. Nobody put an eye out!”

We have a supermoon this week. That means the moon appears very close to earth. From the perspective of our work, that may mean a magnification or illumination of these very old and serious patterns. Think about the good old days and recall some of the trouble you got into. It was serious business. It may have caused you some grief. If you think about it, you might even see that this idea about responsible (with a capital R and said in a very serious voice followed by the words, “young lady or man”) is one you have carried with you all the way up to today. The good news, and isn’t it nice that there is always good news in a two sided coin, is that this is a good week for wrapping up some of that old, serious shame. It might be that whatever it is you did way back then is worthy of reconciliation and forgiveness.

This week, notice what you are feeling and then notice the shadow of judgment over your right shoulder. It might be that your past shame is casting a shadow of doubt across the confidence of your future or that it is causing you to be a shadow of yourself. It might be time to lighten up a bit, after all it may just be that no body did put an eye out. It might be time to forgive.

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