Universal Weather: August 17, 2015 “When Too Much Thinking Gets In The Way”

I know you know, how sometimes the work ahead of you can feel overwhelming and you think things aren’t going to work out. You might be right, but it might not be in the way you thought.

This can happen because you may be thinking too much about it. It is reasonable to “think to much” when something isn’t working, after all isn’t thinking the way to figure it out? But here is the thing, if you weren’t able to come up with a good answer after a bit of thinking, it is likely that the answer to your problem is not going to come through rational thought. And so, that mouse wheel can turn the problem over and over and over again, but that wheel is going to just keep on spinning – gaining no traction, and you are going to become more and more frustrated. You may even feel like you are going mad, losing your mind, because the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting different results.

Here is another way to look at it. You are resisting the resistance. Don’t make everything into a fight. You might not need to defend yourself as often as you think- ah, and there is that word again: THINK. Don’t get me wrong, thinking is good. It is critical. But it is not the “be all, end all” of the variety of tricks you have in your bag. Dig down, trust that it is worth searching to the very bottom of your bag for you intuition. If you haven’t used it in a while the bottom of the bag is exactly where it while be. So be patient and dig down. Trust that it is there. Have a little faith that you might already know what to do. Let yourself yourself consider what you want. Ask yourself, “What do I want to do about this?” Follow the answer to the question with the same inquiry, “What do I want to do about this?” Follow it until you end up at the solution.

One thing. You may run into your own resistance when you practice this. I know that I do. It is okay. Keep moving through the “I don’t know what I want to do,” “This is ridiculous,” “What I want to do, is fix my problem,” “I want to eat the whole thing,” or “I just want to get altered.” Move through the resistance with the same inquire. Go ahead and say to yourself, “Okay, so you just want to get altered. Now what do you want to do?”

So now if you want, practice this this week. It is going to be very useful in the time ahead of you. Go ahead, do it if you want.

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