Universal Influences: August 15, 2015


I hope you did your best to relax and enjoy over the last few days, because you are about to take the frontlines. The work is upon us a bit faster than I anticipated, and I am writing this morning to tell you, “It’s here!” This energy is akin to the sound of bamboo in a fire. It sounds a definite “BAM!” and without any warning.

The new moon in Leo is a firecracker of a new moon. The coming pace will be fast and will make no time for the wishy-washy. This is all about you, your creativity, and your power. Remember that creativity has little to do with the fundamentals of scrap booking (not that there is anything wrong with scrap booking) and more to do with the desire to create. Translation: make your own life. Or as someone once may have said to you, “It’s time to get your butt in gear.”

Over the next few days, stay grounded in the trust that you have purpose here. Let that trust motivate you to discover how to act in your purpose. Let that trust help you “see” the “work” you are here to do. It is okay in the next few days to see yourself at the center of the universe, as long as you remember that at the center you have tremendous pull.

Get clear about what you are doing in the next few days. It will make doing all the easier. There is no sitting this one out.

As always be guided by the words “respect the space, you are a steward of the universe.”

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