Universal Weather: Week of August 11, 2015


The days have been growing shorter and this week some of us may begin to anticipate the feeling of living on borrowed time. We are in transition. Headed forward with some acceleration. There may be resistance to the fast pace that is pulling us in. We are in this together. We will all move through this.

This week we may feel a little nostalgic, a little blue, or even a little frantic to hold on to the light. We may try with some desperation to make it last longer. It won’t, not in the sky anyway. The world is turning with some predictability and soon enough the changes will be noticeable.

But none of that is happening right now. Right now it is still early August. Right now the green leaves are on the trees. Right now the grass still grows. Right now the sun still shines past dinner.

Rest this week. Let yourself take the middle seat in your life. Take a load off in a nice easy chair, as if you just came in from the fields. Ahh, take a deep a breath and let go. There is work ahead for sure. It is coming, but it is not yet here.

See how deeply you can relax and enjoy the abundance of summer this week. See how the good light might lighten your load.

Visit Attentiontoliving.com to schedule an appointment to learn how to let go and enjoy.

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