Universal Influences: The Week Of July 20, 2015



Photo by Andy VC http://www.andyvc.com/dump-in-mae-sot/

Things are moving forward and the pace may feel more comfortable. You might notice, if you pay attention, that you are getting what you have been working for. The question of course, is how present have you been to what you have been creating. It is nice to know that it is never to late to be present. And when you are present there is always time to make adjustments to that which you have been creating.

We have a nice pool of energy out there this week. It is well balanced, but may lean with an inclination towards sudden and unexpected change. You can manage this with good perspective. Take a walk AND smell the roses. Thank the grocery store clerk AND look her straight it the eye while you do it. Call or visit with someone you love AND listen to the wonderful sound of their voice. Shower AND feel the cleansing texture and temperature of the clear water. You get the picture.

There might just be many things in your life that feel really good. Don’t loose sight of that.

To learn more, visit attentiontoliving.com or call and make an appointment with Tami and start living your life with purpose and joy.

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