Universal Weather: Remain Good Natured WHILE Boldly Giving Birth.

This week is all about seeing the forest through the trees – getting good perspective and balance. The week will provide a deep emphasis on the marriage of the collective with the individual for the benefit of future manifestation. This week, if you allow for it, you may have really good access to strength, discipline and perception alongside a keen interest to share, collaborate and create.

Imagine yourself in a forest at dawn. The birds begin to sing. The sun falls through the tree crowns and you are awakened to the dawn of a new day. Now, it can be hard to wake up, but if you allow for it you may notice that as you look back over the past year, you can see that you have been creating something. Much of the work you have been doing may begin to take shape like springtime in the woods. This is a big deal, working with Mother Nature.

If you are willing, go ahead and think of yourself in terms of your own creative and nurturing energy. This week is a great time to prepare for transformation and manifestation with transparency. It may be the right time to admit to yourself and others exactly what you want. It might be okay to share what you have been working on and allow it to transform and evolve under your direction AND in collaboration.

Tips for the week:
1. Mind the ego.
2. Don’t get in your own way.
3. Let go of control.
4. Utilize influence.
5. Soak up some of that divine energy for yourself. In other words, be nice to yourself.

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